WoWS – PvE teaser

Thanks to Vlad for translating.

Today, Lesta published a few screenshots of the upcoming planned PvE feature.


On these, the “Operation” mode can be seen. One operation is the current weekly one, for which teams are assembled randomly. The other ones have to be entered as a platoon.


The last screenshot shows operation “Saving CV “Raptor””, where a CV has to be repaired and towed away. The description states: “A sudden night attack on the carrier squadron was catasrophic – all escorts were lost, and the CV “Raptor”, being heavily damaged, somehow managed to escape. Severe damage has immobilized the ship. Your team has to find and repair it, and then escort it into safety”.


18 thoughts on “WoWS – PvE teaser

    1. As Expected, there are some Rewards here, including some signals and money, i hope there’s a reward ships each difficulty


  1. I still can’t belive WG fumbled on the new game modes… PvE could easily be implemented on the big new maps – But maybe WG are just hesitant to delelope the AI and autoaim systems it would require…


  2. Intoruduction of PvE is the sign of the weakness of the PvP in the game.
    But PvE is even more boring.
    See what happened with Armored Warfare, they introduced PvE, but that did not help to make the game better.


    1. The introduction of PvE alone doesn’t mean that PvP is bad. However, if PvE succeeds (meaning if PvP loses a whole bunch of players to PvE) it will mean that there’s something wrong with PvP.


      1. there is something wrong with pvp, it’s stat tracking in what’s supposed to be a fun mode

        it is that bad that some people seriously suggest to train bad ships and new captains in ranked because nobody cares of the ranked stats but everybody cares about the random game ones


        1. So…..there’s something wrong with PvP because you have…..stat anxiety? Stats don’t mean anything, get over this crap. Yes PvP is lacking some stuff but generally it’s fine.Stats aren’t even a problem.


    1. AW has failed. If it wants to be a WoT clone, then they should have shit loads of content as soon as OBT started. Instead they go for more fine tuning…..which they should do in CBT or after the game has been successful.


      1. Thinking backwards….awesome isn’t it?

        Without fine tuning the bloody game, (meaning, without balancing the god forsaken thing properly) how is it going to be “successful”? Without fine tuning there is no gameplay. If there is no gameplay there is no success.Seriously, use your brain.

        This is why it failed, because balance was crap and nobody cared about PvP, it was garbage. So all the PvP players just left and only PvE casuals are still playing.

        Now tell me,without even the slightest balance….what good is having “shit loads” of content”?


        1. Yes in theory all games should balance the game well before release. I said do the fine tuning after the game has been successful because that was how WoT progressed.

          AW is crap because they failed to balance crap tanks and PvE for the lazy/low spending/bad/casual players.
          “Shit loads of contents” in this case is new maps and new vehicles(not reskins), it had over a year where little new content is introduced. Combine with the slow and bad rebalancing kill it completely.


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