9.19 Test Server Launch Delayed

General test 9.19 WOT was postponed to 17:00 GMT (today).


10 thoughts on “9.19 Test Server Launch Delayed

    1. It feels super soon for the EU server while NA had 9.18 for quite some time now… still it’s quite soon for but ok, schedule is a schedule.

      I just hope they don’t include some new p2w mechanics that could potentially break the gameplay.


        1. i really hope people destroy WG just like they did when they tried to push those emblem buffs that ended up getting scrapped (ty raging RU forums).

          I simply don’t get it why they feel the need to add another mechanic that has the potentiall to break the gameplay when they could easily invest their time into prem ammo rebalance and tank rebalance overall.


          1. I have no idea either why are they trying to go the full retard way and I really hope if they decide to sell this crap for money we will be able to stop them.

            To be honest I feel that these rewards for Ranked are unneded. They should come up with sometihng else because these boosts could be easily abused in randoms even when you get them in Ranked.

            It’s really a shame we couldn’t stop them from introducing the unnecessary nerfs to the Tier X light tanks.

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            1. They should just let us buy premium tanks with that special money and that’s it, simple as that, problem solved… everybody likes new tanks and getting them for free would be good enough reason to make the ranged battles popular.

              There is 100% another better way to make those new points/money work in a non game breaking way because this isn’t the kind of game where you can just throw on a bunch of special equipment and the tank will remain balanced.
              It’s already p2w enough with current equipment with insane prices that non prem account users or those without premium tanks simply can’t afford.

              I think they are focusing their resources on things nobody is asking for which is a real shame


    1. So what? It’s not like other companies have never delayed anything and it’s only a fucking 2 hours long delay. I’d rather see them release something right instead of them releasing a buggy mess.


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