War Thunder – Yak-3T

This time a plane, which is of course obtainable by participating in the wonderful* event that’s going on right now.

The Yak-3T was an experimental version of the renown Soviet Yak-3 fighter that attempted to improve its firepower and allow it to effectively engage heavily armored targets, such as tanks. Players will have the chance to try out this unique aircraft for themselves after acquiring 11 “Chronicles awards” for pilots.

In War Thunder, the Yak-3T will be a collectible aircraft situated on the third rank of the Soviet reserach tree. The aircraft is a true hybrid – featuring very similar handling characteristics to the regular Yak-3 combined with a powerful 37mm autocannon, similar to the one used on the Yak-9T, which is able to crack the toughest of opponents on the ground and in the air alike. For being a premium vehicle, the Yak-3T will allow its pilots to earn additional rewards in Research Points and Silver Lions with every scored hit.

The Yak-3T can only be obtained as a prize for participating in the “War Thunder Chronicles” event series. Enjoy the signature feeling that the N-37 cannon delivers when blasting foes to smithereens! Don’t miss out on the fun and go for it!


* lolno