WoT Blitz – low damage premium ammo is being tested

In WoT Blitz, premium ammunition with reduced cost and damage are being tested internally. This feature is planned to enter supertest soon.


21 thoughts on “WoT Blitz – low damage premium ammo is being tested

  1. It’s more pay to win, not the proper solution which would be to simply limit the amount of premium to a small amount so that deciding when to use your limited supply would be part of your strategy.


    1. Did they not also say reduced price, so it’s no longer “gold” but a bit more expensive regular ammo… type 5 prem is the perfect pay to win example


  2. Well oh well…to bad the Belorussians PV development teams and management teams are too damn suborn in their refusal. Oh well.


      1. “Tanks can still spam it to pen the front of heavy tanks and make their armour pointless.”
        Except the fact that now they will do less damage. So better armor -> low dmg/high pen ammo -> heavy armor tank live longer.

        It is very welcome change – pls WG make it happen for normal WOT.


  3. I dont like this.
    I would prefer a fixed pen addition with premium for every Tank.
    Like 15%.
    So no 200 base, 330 premium…

    This way every tank would have some ammo for critical situations, without being totaly unbalanced.


    1. The problem is BOTH the penetration value but also the cost. Having premium ammo for an absurd credits cost is just as pay to win as having short cool-down on premium consumables. So if WG brings both shell types to the same cost, why would anyone chose the shell with lower penetration?


    2. What does base penetration have to do with premium penetration. 200 pen is total garbage at T9. It’s pretty bad penetration for T8 even. Without decent premium ammo T-54 would be trash. Even now, with “OP HEAT” it’s not best T9 medium. It’s good but not OP.

      Hell, what did I expect from a pubbie…..


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