WG closed a NA WoT Subforum

The maps subforum on the NA forums was deleted. Many people were complaining about the lack of maps, and now all those posts are gone. WG should listen to people’s opinions about maps, not silence the ones who want to discuss them.

UPDATE – clarification by dance210, NA Forums admin:

„While the map discussion section was removed during the forum re-organization, players can still discuss maps and give feedback. Map discussion now takes place in the Gameplay Discussion section of the forum and any feedback or suggestions on maps takes place in the Feedback / Suggestion section. While I can understand your concern when things change, the removal of certain sections does not mean that the discussion should stop; it is simply moved to a different location of the forums.

Any information regarding new maps, reworked maps or the potential for removed maps to be returned will always be announced on our official channels (forums, articles, in-game announcements, social media, etc.).

In an effort to make it easier to find your favorite information, we will be re-organizing the forums. This re-organization is planned to start tomorrow morning. Please excuse our mess as we move sections and threads from one part of the forums to another. We will attempt to complete this process as quickly as possible.

What does this re-organization mean?

  • There are no plans to delete any threads. Threads will be moved from their current location to their new home, so you shouldn’t lose any conversations.
  • Some sections may be combined with others. Again, all threads should remain intact, they just may be located in a new section.
  • There are some sections that have outlived their time and will archived as read-only. This means that you can still view the threads, you just won’t be able to make any new ones or respond to the ones that are there.”