WoWS Q&A – 31st March 2017

Thanks to Babykim, EU.

Developer SoaRen on the possibility of converting gold to doubloons (RU Forum).

Source: http://forum.worldof…85#entry3381985

The transfer of gold from tanks to doubloons is possible, provided the following conditions apply:

1). Gold purchased by the owner (it is not essential what was purchased, essential is the act of purchase), (TN: i.e. bought for real money alone, or as part of a bundle;)

2). Not gold awarded as prizes, offerings or gifts (e.g., in competitions);

3). The minimal amount of transfer: 2,500 gold/doubloons;

4). At least one month of inactivity in the game where the gold comes from, (TN: i.e. have not played tanks or planes since at least one month;)

5). One transfer per account only.