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  1. I am sure it involved aiming for weakpots and using armor….NOT!

      1. Well, you know… Unicums, so they must be spamming gold. Despite the POV player not. Its not like you can pen all the tanks with the 907, is it.?

      2. The fact that these gold spamming fucks spam all the skill ammo every single round of every single match they’ve ever played. Skilllllllll lel

    1. You are missing the point here, competitive gameplay requires teamwork and tactics, you want to get rid of enemy tanks asap so your team has an advantage over theirs, which leads to victory, and you just cant destroy enemy tanks fast enough if you’re stuck there aiming, speed is everything.
      Have you ever seen esports players not use gold ammo? No.
      Is not using gold in pubs a sign of a good player? Yes certainly, but in competitive play, it’s nothing like pubs, so if you’ve never experienced competitive play, just don’t comment on it or you’re making yourself look like an ass

      1. Actually, in these random skirmishes such as this one, not much gold is fired. Reasons being
        -tank lineups (mostly 113/RU med/batchat, sometimes TD’s that are usually paper like Grille) – you don’t really need gold for any of them unless they’re perfectly hulldown and you can’t rush them – in that case you’re probably doing something wrong anyway. If you encounter some superheavies, you will fire gold at them, yes.

        -nature of these fights – most of the time, you are looking for crossfires, rushing in. That means you have the sides of tanks, and ofcourse you can pen that with standard ammo without any issues.

        -credit earning – depends on a clan, but the ones that play with credit bonus want to make credits even on T10. The less gold you fire the more credits you make, so you want to fire it only when necessary.

        Now ofcourse, if we’re talking about CW/Advances, where tactics are more sophisticated, tanks picks are more specified, fights are usually slower and often include 1-2 tanks holding a corner, proper micromanaging (angling, positioning) and aiming are a must, and a lot of gold is fired since every bounce is costly and rewards are worth it.

        1. As Woolgun said its all about rotations and crossfires etc, prem rounds are fired but not loads (Wojajo in the replay fired 0 HEAT because he always had sides to shoot at). Also as Urakaze said there are times where you just don’t have time to stay and wait to aim a shot so you will have to load HEAT when needed. Most of the time even if it is fired there is little wrong with it as you will either get gold (Global Map) or credits (Credit Boosts in Stronghold) if you win. In direct reference to the first comment, the aiming for weakspots is often natural for a good player but in strongholds with mediums you’re doing it wrong if you aren’t shooting sides most of the time and heavies only usually have to hold so aren’t needed so much for damage (they were in the replay as they could farm meds). The heavies forced the enemy mediums to flank (to shoot a weakspot…the side) and therefore they technically were using armour.
          Sorry for long message but hope you enjoyed the video 😀

    1. But stats are a combination of luck, gold spam, illegal mods usage, farming DMG from the back and padding low tier tanks 🙂 There is no other way you can have good stats, unless your name is Quickybaby ofcourse (not hating on QB just his delusional fanbois).

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