56 thoughts on “HMS Hood, Tier 7 Premium Incoming! WoWS

    1. My Warspite captain trained for year for this moment! 😀
      I suppose it will be available 24th May?

  1. *Checks image*
    102mm x 16
    –> 8 twins
    ——> Hood only carried 7
    ————> Ineptitude confirmed?

    1. Unless 2 of the mountings were replaced with triples?
      I can clearly see 7 secondary mountings in the pictures, but the rear ones I can’t see clearly if they are twins or triples.

      1. Nah, the graphic is wrong, theres an updated version with the correct numbers around.

    1. You mean better than the ship with 15″ guns at tier6 with a very quickly reloading damage control, a repair party that repairs better than other BBs, more than respectable AA for that tier, and the best maneuverability of basically any BB in the game bar the Mikasa on tier2, and all that tied for first for the best speed for a true battleship at tier6, all while being extremely stealthy ?

      The only thing that it doesn’t have is range.
      “Boohoo, my RN-fanboy ship isn’t the best in one single aspect. Y U HAET BRITAIN WG :'( ?”

        1. The only ship that tanks better is the Bayern.

          The others are mostly tied for soft armor-ness.

          Tha’s coming from someone who has played every single tier6 BB.

        2. The Hood devote more of her weight to armor MUCH like Battleship than a classic Battlecruiser, you can argue she’s one of the earliest true Fast Battleships. The only downside is that she was commissioned before All or Nothing armor concept. Then again you know what’s that like if you played New Mexico and Colorado.

    1. I think that might be the new weapon system that WG is adding, Rockets as AA or ship/plane born. Shinano and some IJN ships had Rocket AA as well, and the British had some rockets on their battleships.

      1. If it’s AA, it’s not really a system though. Just another damage aura.

    2. Midway: Give me RIM-7 Sea Sparrow & Phalax CIWS!
      Gearing: Shall I receive SM-1 missiles?

      1. Neustrashimy and the Other Cold War DDs: We will recieve that first xaxaxaxaxa

  2. I thought Prince of Wales and Repulse will appear as regular ship. Prince of Wales maybe at T6, which equipped 4*2*356+2*1*356, to compete with New Mexico and Fuso. And Repulse maybe at T7, which equipped 3*2*380, to compete with Gneisenau.

    1. To be honest Prince of Wales would most likely be a premium as well but she would not be tier 6 the KGV class would most likely be tier 8 and yes they have 14″ guns but there are 14″ guns and there are 14″ gun the ones fitted to the KGV had more punching power than the 16″ on Nelson and Rodney

      1. according to “Battleships: Allied Battleships in World War II” 14″ inch are both weaker than Warspite 15″ and Nelson 16″, also during encounter with Bismark, Rodney did most of the serous damage.

        1. Well, the book is demonstrably unsubstantiated and un-evidenced – Bismarck, of course, went to the sea bed long before anyone had chance to carry out damage assessments!

          1. read again:according to “Battleships: Allied Battleships in World War II” 14″ inch are both weaker than Warspite 15″ and Nelson 16″, also during encounter with Bismark, Rodney did most of the serous damage.

            there is small little comma “,” between information’s from book (gun penetration characteristics) and Bismarck damage.

            and you would be surprised… i suggest you to read something http://www.navweaps.com/index_inro/INRO_Bismarck_p1.htm

        2. The British had very odd standards when it came to “powerful guns” such as their supposedly high velocity 406mm guns which actually had only 788 m/s. In actual fact in terms of shell weight and velocity the KGV class guns are worse than Kongou’s.

          1. KGV’s guns fire a heavier shell, albeit at a lower velocity.
            Originally the 16″/45 Mk I had 823mps MV, but initial tests found that the wear was unacceptably high.

              1. According to “Naval Weapons of World War Two,” a 2,250 lbs. (1,021 kg) APC shell was proposed to correct some of the problems encountered by the too-light shell, but “financial stringencies in the early 1930s prevented any change.”

          2. 788m/s (or 797m/s in mark II) is after all changes that were made to increase barrel life and reliability, one source state that they reduced muzzle velocity.

            still many issues were caused by British experiments and inadequate firing trails:
            “From inadequate firing trials, a mistaken theory was promulgated by the Director of Naval Ordnance (DNO) that held that a high-velocity, low-weight projectile would have superior armor penetration characteristics at large oblique angles of impact, a conclusion which was the opposite of previous findings. This theory was not substantiated by later trials, but these took place too late to affect the decision to use a lightweight APC projectile for new designs.”

            reason why 16inch guns had many issues and used weaker light weight shells

              1. as i sad above, based on their initial fining trails they thought that light high velocity round is better, but later trails didn’t confirmed, but it was already too late to affect fix that, they did some changes to 16″ to improve reliability like lowered muzzle velocity, and even come with new heavier shells, but that was cut off due to financial issues.

              1. Interesting theory – never heard of it. I always thought that reason of this detonation is unknown with chances 60 % suicidal crew / 40 % ammunition flaw.
                Can you please write smth more about this sabotage?

                1. “60 % suicidal crew ” – i mean one crew member had suicidal tendency – not whole crew, even Japs were not such maniacs… Not yet at least – 2 year later the Yamato crew was sailing with full knowledge it is one way ticket.

                  1. “The commission issued its preliminary conclusions on 25 June, well before the divers had completed their investigation of the wreck, and concluded that the explosion was the result of a disgruntled seaman.”

                    Results of official investigation. Sailor was pissed off about being accused of theft so set off a bomb in one of the magazines.

                    1. Where did you get that information from? i can’t seem to find anything saying about such an conclusion after investigating the wreckage.

  3. Seb ya missed the post about the submarine that was also posted to the WoWS Asia FB page.

    Also I’m going to throw so much money for this..

    1. Only when in division with Prince of Wales against division of Bismarck and Prinz Eugen.

      1. We desperately need a rematch where Norfolk and Suffolk actually join the battle. We’ll show them what’s what..

  4. I want one and I don’t even play the game on the live server any more.. But this could be enough to get me to play the game again, combined with the French Cruisers.. Although on the PTS, where I still play, my experience is very varied. Sometimes I have so much fun, at others, I’m glad I’m not spending a lot of time on the live server as well.. Add in the KGV and I could probably be happy just sitting in port, looking at my pretty ships.. So pretty..

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