Yugoslavian WoT Tech Tree: Fan-made Proposal

Update: thanks for your comments. I agree that there are too many clones and that the tree needs a rework.

I was sent this by Atanasije:

While researching Yugoslavian tank history and digging through archives me and couple of my friends found a lot of unique tanks, more than enough to build a tech tree. So that is what we did. Right now we are trying to promote our proposal as much as we can because most people think Yugoslavia does not have enough original tanks to build an entire tech tree.

More information will follow soon. Here’s the main proposal:

What do you think about it?

56 thoughts on “Yugoslavian WoT Tech Tree: Fan-made Proposal

    1. they may be a lot of clones, but some of the tanks are unique, like the t55 with 105 (the closest we got to that is the 121B CW tank) the t55/hellcat and the arty sound rly nice, and who wouldnt want to see a sherman with a russian 122, cmon


  1. Problem with these nations is that they don’t have enough original designs. Look at Czech branch for example – most tanks are designs/prototypes, but their own. In Yugoslavian tree I see couple of soviet, german and french designs. This isn’t good. We don’t want to see same tanks

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      1. His point was not that the Czech tanks were real, but that they were all unique and interesting designs from Czechoslovakia itself. Whereas this tree seems to be made up largely of tanks directly from other nations, or slightly modified (different guns etc.).

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            1. Make that your wallpaper.

              Paper tanks are imagination tanks, which is NOT better than modified tanks.

              So what if they’re unique? Most would never work at all IRL.

              If modded tanks are bad, paper tanks are worse fantasy BS.


                  1. He said, still not understanding the difference between a studied blueprint from 1940, and a tank imagined by someone in the 21st century.

                    Let me put you on the right track, the difference is roughly 70 years.

                    I know that’s a big number, but you’ll be able to count that high one day, don’t worry.


          1. And I never claimed they were. The entire point the OP made was that the Czech tanks are UNIQUE and INTERESTING, to which Nishizumi replied they weren’t real. Which was entirely missing the point, just like you just did.


            1. Irrelevant.

              If some drawings are all it takes to build tanks then every nation on earth would have them.

              If you argue for paper projects, then there’s really nothing functionally different than complete fakes that WG has used to finish trees, like E 50M, FV215b, and top tier jap heavy, etc.


    1. imo

      LT1 M-27
      LT2 P-II-a
      LT3 Š-II-a-j
      MT4 S35/6pdr
      MT5 Pz.IV 76mm
      MT6 Vozilo A
      MT7 Galeb
      MT8 M-320
      MT9 M-636 Kondor
      MTX M-363D

      Notable premium options:
      MT6: M4 SO-122 like KV-85 but shittier gun handling and armor…maybe better mobility?
      LT/MT6: T-54 SO-18 – make the turret rotate, might be Skautpanther succesor
      MT7: Vozilo B

      Throw away the rest.


      1. I totally agree with you for a single branche of medium exactly like that! It’s the same as I though it should be. Those are the most orignal tanks Yougoslavia can brought to the game. So IMO, a single medium branch like that is the most realistic way to get a Yougoslavia into the game.

        The top tiers like Kondors could amazing indeed! 🙂


  2. Just a quick note : making a tech tree is not a contest of who can get the most clones…

    We already have china for that which is basicaly a soviet clone with less depression.
    From what I can see (with a quick look) this tree proposal is basicaly “hey combine all existing trees and call it a new nation !”

    I may sound mean but thats what it looks like. If a nation doesnt have enough original models it does not “deserve” its tree in WoT simply because there isnt enough vehicles available ; and clones are bad and nobody like them. The chinese tree was just a way for WG to reach the chinese market, otherwise it would probably still not be released today because of how few original tanks there are.


    1. The problem with the chinese tree is the mid tiers(t5 to t7), for high tiers(t9 and t10) there can be the Type 80 and Type 85-I but WG/KZ go for the fake tanks/clone productions


  3. anything to stop adding tanks to germany and russia.
    and to stop adding prems to tiers for classes that already have them (do we really need 5 prem tier 8 russian heavies? put one of those in a DIFFERENT NATION. who cares if its a clone. stop flooding tie r8 russian heavies and us tier 8 prem meds)


  4. (I’m french and I use google trad to speak)

    Are all these clones really necessary?
    I do not think so,

    To enter into certain details,

    – why the M13 / 42 is Tier IV?
    It just has the turret and barrel of Pz 38 (t),
    There is no reason for it to be tier IV

    -M3A3 / SiG 33
    It is an arty, not a TD, it has the canon of BIson II in WOT
    Put it in the place of the M7 prist, it will make you a clone in less

    -why a T-34-85 in Tier V?
    What is that? They are already very powerful in Tier VI and you want to put one in Tier V?

    -the M4/122
    If it is the M4 sherman with 122 mm A-19 barrel,
    It is called SO-122 M4 and it is a TD and fire support, not an medium tank
    Moreover, tier VII? He was 2 ° deprived and 10 ° elevated and was heavily hindered by his cannon and suffered in sight problems,
    It is far too restrictive for the Tier VII,

    – What does the M47 Patton do in Tier VIII?
    It is an exported tank, it can not have access to the experimental guns
    Of the carts pattons because these canon did not leave the country,
    It has access to the guns 90 M3 or 90 mm M36 which have 172 mm of perfo at best on WOT,
    which is insufficient in tier VIII (unless buffer stupidly these 90 mm)
    When the 105 mm M68 which at 268 mm perfo on WOT
    It is too strong for Tier VIII,
    The M47 Patton outside the USA can not be tier VIII

    When T-55 resets, it’s just unnecessary clones,

    There are too many unnecessary clones in this tree
    Preference of quality to quantity, it is much better



  5. Now that’s what I call clones 2017.

    When over half the tanks you are proposing are based on if not direct copies of other tanks, maybe you might be stretching a bit much to fill out a line. I count 13 direct copies from other lines, with an additional 8 that are direct copies with different guns.


  6. Me, I love this. It’s existing tanks but they will offer a different. A Sherman with a 122mm sounds stupid but funny. Some unique tanks as well, this is adding more tanks and they are different.


  7. “Right now we are trying to promote our proposal much as we can because most people think Yugoslavia does not have enough original tanks to build an entire tech tree.”

    HAHAHAHA. There’s like 6 original tanks in that entire tree the rest are clones. Could you atleast not bullshit us?


  8. which nation made i think it was a t55 or t72 on steroids which was about 25% bigger than the tank it was based on? was it called the tr something?


  9. Yugoslavia should have its tech tree in World of Warplanes. Yugoslavia has an abundance of original airplanes, concepts, prototypes, etc. WoT, as much as I would like it, I don’t see it as feasible.


  10. jeez, with that amount of clones, slim chance to be a standalone nation in WOT. Maybe as part of the EU tech tree, with the kondor line.
    Now there is one more nation out there, largely ignored, with a lot of tank designs ( yess, clones as well) many of them functional. Israel could have it’s own branch, and let’s admit it, who wouldn’t like to cruise around in a Merkava? 😀


  11. the base idea is good, however, he should make the Tree smaller in favour of original Tanks.
    There actually is another one which is a lot better.
    May i present, a Tech tree proposal by Bojan.

    As you can see, it has half the amount of tanks and a lot less clones.
    To make a tech tree it isn’t about how many tanks you can fit in there. If it would work like that Switzerland could make a second MT line with: Panzer IV, Panther, M4, T-34-85, Centurion, T-55, M47 and M48 patton. but that would be so many copies. So that’s why i didn’t propose the tech tree without any foreign tanks as researchable vehicles.

    So in a nutshell: Making another Yugoslavian tech tree proposal is a waste of time.


  12. As much as I would LOVE to see my country tanks in WoT, I just cannot agree with all those copies/blueprint tanks etc.

    I`m one of the guys who are COMPLETELY against ANY blueprint/fake tank in WoT (if it was up to me, I`d remove all the prototypes as well).

    So, imo, they SHOULD add a few tanks that were original designs as separate premium tanks (with their own nation, kind of how Type 59/Type 62 were before they added Chinese trees).
    But no full branches, no. There just isn`t enough material.

    While we`re at it, they should also remove the Czech from the game as a separate tree. Yeah, they did have pretty good and original tank construction know-how and industry, but in no way, shape or form does that warrant a full, 1 to 10 branch.


    1. It is your opinion, but WG thinking is completely different, something like that:
      1. They are adding only nations which are able to create at least one full branch T1..T10
      2. Prototypes/blueprint tanks are ok, it is attractive for majority of players to drive interesting and unique designs
      3. Premiums are made only to nations having also standard tech tree (premium = crewtrainer)

      That’s enough to explain why there is Czech branch, because it fits to rules above. It explains also why there is no Polish tech tree (can’t make full T1…T10 tree), although it would be very popular (large playerbase)
      Only one exception was made – Chinese. Their market is so huge, that WG wanted to create their tech tree no matter the cost, so they used clones. However you can’t expect the same for smaller nations. Btw both Czechs and Sweeds are about the same 10M nations. Main factor to have their own tech tree was just the possibility to make T1-T10 without clones. Other factors were also taken into consideration (large playerbase for such small nation, purchasing ability etc.).


      1. One thing I cannot agree with is, you said:

        >Prototypes/blueprint tanks are ok, it is attractive for majority of players to drive interesting and unique designs

        This is the consequence, not the reason why WG put prototypes / blueprint / proposal / concept / “only-the-all-mighty-knows-where-did-they-came-from” / “totally-fake-but-some-players-may-back-their-realism-on-media-because-of-a-fake-as-well-lore-in-the-game” tanks into the game. The actual reason of that is they could make as much of BS (hence, money) as they can.


  13. Actually Yugoslavia is capable of filling a tech tree without all those direct copies. You need to keep in mind that copying a tank without any kind of national/local modification is bad. That being said, looking at the proposed tech tree, there are a number of issues. You added tanks that belong to other nations. Granted, they’re not in the game yet, but they may be added at a later date: T-32 (Cz), S-I-j (Cz), TK-3 (Pl), L6/40 (It), Praga P-IIa (Cz), S-IIa-j (Cz).

    Then you have the direct copies witch are represented in this picture:

    The problem is that T-34/100 had actually a Yugoslavian variant but I can’t remember the name. Also, the 122mm M4 had a non rotating turret so it would fit a TD role.
    The T-55 with Hellcat turret and gun would fit the tech tree as a tier 7 medium.
    TK3 only had a 7.92 machinegun.


  14. Probably I could live with Condor branch, with as many as possible unique tanks stuffed in the branch. Otherwise? Big no.


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