Object 907 Armor Changes

Added 2 patches of 125mm armor to the lower glacis. Also, the ammorack module is a bit smaller and the side armor angles were changed.

New layout:


17 thoughts on “Object 907 Armor Changes

  1. Nice joke. Does it really need more armor? No tier 8 HT can even pen it frontaly, are they suppose to “flank” a highly mobile tier 10 MT or what? That fat bastard victor and his crew has lost the ball big time and I wouldnt mind if bad things would come to them, since that have done bad things to thousands of paying customers!

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    1. You must be bad at aiming because T8 heavies can pen the ufp 50% of the time, or more with prem. Im certain you dont own one because you have no idea how the armor performs, because the ufp can be pend and even the turret will let shots through fairly often. You have no idea that every game it will eventually lose the ammo rack in every game, or catch fire from the front every game.

      But thats ok you just muddle along and pretend to know a tank youve only even seen in random battles a handful of times.


  2. WG really dropped the ball here. I could be angling like a braindead idiot (~35 degrees) and still be immune to most tier 8 tanks. Unlike the T-22 it actually has good DPM, and unlike the Obj 430, its higher-than-standard DPM isn’t balanced by having AIDS gun handling. Also the buff to the ammorack is just icing on the shit cake.

    What the fuck Wargaming.


    1. Buff to the ammorack was only thing it needed. I was getting ammoracked in it all the time, it was completly unplayble.
      I have no idea how they changed armor(if they didnt overbuff it), but it surely deserved alteast better hull than Object 140 which has better turret and gun (and no big ammorack problems).


      1. It is kinda overbuffed.

        Top of the turret (apart from small spot at the very top, which is pixelshot basically) armor is now 40mm so no more overmatch for guns <120mm – although it has shitty angle so you can pen that with HEAT. Cupolas are also a bit thicker.

        Front trolls much more, it's stronger overall and has lots of weird zones where it suddenly goes to autobounce or 400mm effective.
        Large parts of side armor are autobounce all the way to 40 degrees, and UFP trolls so you can't even reliably pen that at that angle. Even angled more than 40 degrees it retains some random autobounce zones so you get trolled even more, and armor behind sprockets is more angled so less trackshots that deal DMG.

        BTW, re: the article – the 125mm patches of armor are already there in 9.17.1, they weren't added by the micropatch.


  3. On the long list of possible things that i care about in wot, the obj 907 is not one of them. Err, I am glad this info was posted, it is nice to know. I am just surprised ppl are posting like 907s are everywhere. I cant recall the last time i played against one.

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