WoWS: Upcoming April Fools event leak

Thanks to Urakaze for translating.

 *The following data was datamined by players,hence it may not be accurate, please note that it may be changed before actual implementation*

From the datamine, it appears that players will be “driving” islands with tanks and guns on them, together with a ship captain (that is going to be in a tank or something ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
In other words, the island is your “ship hull” and the tanks will be your “main battery guns”
The stats of the guns on the tanks are directly copied from WoT
The known player-side “ships” have the following “modules”:

US: 3* T30 + 4* Quad 20mm AA guns for AA

Japan: 3* Chi-Ri + 4* 80mm/40 HA guns

Soviets: 3* KV-5 + 4* 40mm Vickers HA

Germany: 3* Maus + 4* 88mm Flaks

Britain: 3* 6-pdr Cromwells + 4* QF 3.7 inch AA guns

Together with a “main base” with : Landkreuzer P.1000 Ratte, 2 Maus , 128mm Flak and 20mm Flakvierling

Consumables from WoT and WoWS can be used, together with a new consumable called Artillery Reload Booster (TAP INSIDER: My guess is that the consumable “Artillery Reload Booster” may be an experiment for the future French line. If it turns out fine, other nations can have it), which boosts reload speed of the main guns by 75%

The missing IJN Tone is also returning, but not as a player-controlled ship, with near infinite amount of D3A2 bombers in 3 squads of 2 bombers each, as you can see, it’s not really a player ship anymore.

Apparently, the following naval craft will make an appearance as well
– Marinefährprahm
– Landing Craft Infantry
– Haskell-class attack transports
– Shchuka-class submarine
(the submarine does not have any torpedoes, nor can it submerge, but it cannot be detected by surface ships, but with aircraft , sonar and radar, or entering proxy spotting distances)


13 thoughts on “WoWS: Upcoming April Fools event leak

      1. And the 150mm found on the…a crappy old ship from 1898 not present in game and maybe some crusty old forts here and there, rather than using the slightly longer, slightly higher velocity 150mm found on the Kongo class secondary batteries, for example.

        Absolutely no idea why WG picked a rarer and older model of the gun, when Japan had a license built 150mm in much higher numbers, using the exact same ammunition, and higher velocity woulnd’t have meant shit in WoT since it only spams HE.

        Oh, and the Type 4 also has the 127mm DPAA gun.


      2. Close, the 140mm on the Jap CLL’s is the L/50, which the Type4/5 CLAIM to have, but have the model of the L/40 (used as deck guns on jap subs)


    1. i swear i didn’t know it was cocaine!
      the box said sugar! yeah the label looked like duck tape but i thought that was how they looked in russia!

      also… wasn’t just cocaine……i spilled some cat nip in there……idk if that affected it at all


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