Supertest News: Tier V Light Tanks

Source: WG Forums

The work on the extension of Light tanks branches till Tier X is going at full speed and today we’ll share some info about the changes of vehicles of this class at Tier V.

Below you can see the currently tested characteristics of the Tier V light tanks. Remember that together with the introduction of Tier X LTs all light tanks will get regular matchmaking. This means that Tier V lights will no longer fight against Tier VIII vehicles.

Major changes to Tier V lights include:

1. French tank AMX ELC bis got a 360 degrees traversable turret. The main gun for this tank will be 75-mm gun.

2. American light tanks will get some reinforcements: The M7 will become a valid scout.

3. The German “Leopard” will stand out with its two guns.

Please keep in mind that this is a preliminary set of features planned for future updates. The Supertest happens at the early stages of development – and involves checking the changes of a future updates and searching for the most critical issues before further stages of testing.