Supertest News: Tier V Light Tanks

Source: WG Forums

The work on the extension of Light tanks branches till Tier X is going at full speed and today we’ll share some info about the changes of vehicles of this class at Tier V.

Below you can see the currently tested characteristics of the Tier V light tanks. Remember that together with the introduction of Tier X LTs all light tanks will get regular matchmaking. This means that Tier V lights will no longer fight against Tier VIII vehicles.

Major changes to Tier V lights include:

1. French tank AMX ELC bis got a 360 degrees traversable turret. The main gun for this tank will be 75-mm gun.

2. American light tanks will get some reinforcements: The M7 will become a valid scout.

3. The German “Leopard” will stand out with its two guns.

Please keep in mind that this is a preliminary set of features planned for future updates. The Supertest happens at the early stages of development – and involves checking the changes of a future updates and searching for the most critical issues before further stages of testing. 


44 thoughts on “Supertest News: Tier V Light Tanks

        1. With that IS-3 aimtime and no turret?!?
          Hell I would rather use Crusaders 6 pounder(with +2mm).
          They should leave the 90mm(as is) but I would use the 75mm….

          If I manage to find the motivation….

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        2. The only people it will annoy is statpadders. With the current ELC if you fire and hit twice you’re purple. It does so much damage for its class (and even its tier for all classes) that by doing not much you’re rewarded a lot.
          Now it’ll be a REAL and BALANCED light tank, not an OP tank that has TD alpha for LT speed/camo.

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          1. Statpadding vehicle? Hardly. It was a very fun tank that wasn’t easy to master but rewarding when you managed to do so. Yes, it had very high pen and damage for a light tank, but it was well balanced by its mediocre accuracy, very slow reload, atrocious aim time and not having a turret. Indeed, you could play it as a quasi-TD, but you could also scout or even get close, pump a shot and run away to reload. While some call that OP, I would call it being a flexible and unique vehicle that didn’t require an autoloader or APCR to hurt stronger tanks, just brains. Which, I guess, was exactly its problem.

            Now it will be just another crappy LT, more or less similar to the others, with a “pew-pew” gun that you can play only as a light and nothing else. So much for diversity in this game… As always, GG, WG. Keep’em coming.


          2. SpeedCraft51, you understand that the ELC is a historical Air Drop TD, right? You also understand that when the ELC was brought into WoT it fought tier 9s? Obviously not. Now, I’d love if they bumped it to tier 6, added, say, 100 HP, and leave it as it is.


      1. despite being totaly unrealistic? crew of 2 with driver also sitting in the turret, lets see how he can drive while looking behind its back, but I would understand IF it could only traverse 360º when stationary, like when bush camping
        maybe a mechanic like cammo net, or by pressing x and like with TDs locking the hull traverse but also unlock the 360º turret traverse, this way you could only move back and forward and use the full turret rotation to compensate, and because the driver would be free it could also work by slightly increasing ROF
        although I don’t know if the tank was ever prepared with controls that would rotate with the turret

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        1. Hi. Historical ELC Bis reportedly had a turning turret when stopped: “the driver used a reclined position and the gunner had to have his body halfway inside the hull, making turret traverse limited: the gun had a shooting range of 360 degrees when immobile, and was limited to that of a conventional assault gun when in motion.”


          1. so… similar to my idea, move back and forth when on 360º-mode, the same as already ingame while moving, this would be “historical” as you mentioned, right?


    1. How so? It will basically be an E25 with a turret now on tier 5, regardless of the ROF it gets. Now it don’t need to break camo net to fire on all the targets he spots vs before.


    1. Yeah, totally! What is the fuck with wargaming?? Why Making such a logical and historical nonsense?! The AMX 12t would be far rather logical and historical at tier 5, since IRL it doesn’t get an autoloader and the top gun should have 95mm pen (clearly in the range of the others tier 5 LT).

      By this logic, it’s interesting to know that the AMX 12t is a project from 1946, whereas the AMX ELC is a project launched in the 1960s.. So it’s a complete nonsense to have the ELC before the AMX 12t!

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  1. “1. French tank AMX ELC bis got a 360 degrees traversable turret. The main gun for this tank will be 75-mm gun.”

    Why create an unhistorical tank instead of moving it up the tree?

    “3. The German “Leopard” will stand out with its two guns.”

    Yaay, let’s dumb down gun selections even more on those few tanks which have multiple viable guns…

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    1. Problem is ELC was even better IRL than it is in game now, so it should be like tier 7 light or something, since it had 80 top speed and 360 turret, but turret could only be turned to the side or rear while stationarry, AKA you give it a siege mode with 0 actication time so you activate it while stationarry you can turn turret and then to move you have to deactivate.
      The problem with that is to be perfectly realistic you’d have to return the gun to face forward before leaving siegemode to start driving. And that would make the tank way too complicated to play.


      1. You’re fully right! Indeed, it should be raised at tier 8 IMO! It would be a good alternative to the brand new Fake Batignolles-Châtillon 12t (wich was a AA vehicule IRL). Making it competitive at that tier would fairly easy, and also respecting really well its historicy.. like, for example, the good idea you suggest of the “fully rotating turret in siege mode” (wich wouldn’t be a problem for players, since at that tier it would be played by players who are looking for this type of unique gameplay), or also giving it its historical -8° of gun depression, as well as buffing its pretty damn bad soft-stats. Penetration should also be buffed (to around 10 or 15mm to be fair).


      2. A likely option is they fork ELC Bis into two different tanks. I read about that somewhere else, can’t remember, weeks ago. Current ELC Bis will be a tier 6 as lights need to be pushed up to tier X. An earlier version will fit into tier V, like an ELC 30 ( w. better gun.

        Exiting siege mode should automatically turn turret into 12 o’clock losing focus, just as turretless TD player which looks too left or right without prior pressing X.

        ELC Bis is nice to play and different. Changing it’s style is going to make WoT smaller, IMHO. I agree 90 mm gun is quite trolling for tier V, but other numbers make it difficult to play, so it’s challenging enough.


    2. The Leopard only has 2 guns people might consider viable. I personally wouldn’t even call the 5cm viable either. It relies too much on DPM for a tank that’s already lacking in camo. Add on to that it’s poor accuracy and terrible penetration, and the 3cm autocannon is the only real pick.


    1. it is actually a wrong decision, they had the option of selecting the lighter early T7 prototype, lighter M7 with weaker armor profile (not as sloped as the M7) but still decent when compared to the M24
      gun choices would be the 37mm M6 and probably 6pdr Mk.III, definitly good enough for tier 5 and much more historically accurate since the T7 was first classified as a light tank, while in reality he M7 is neither a true medium or light tank


  2. Was waiting to see what they would do with the tier 5 scouts, and basically, what it looks like, is that when they got to tier 5 they ran out of ideas and just made some small changes to say they did something.

    Btw m7 as a scout tank huh, let’s see how much they will change it. And ELC with chaffee like gun.


  3. I rebought the ELC because I was a noob then and sold the thing (didn’t like it somehow). Now I am really loving it and it will lose the 90mm but gets a 360 degree turret traverse…. Oh Wargaming just why? Move it up a higher tier with the traverse and keep the 90mm.


  4. Yah, totally agree. Why putting a 60’s project before a project from 1946? It makes no freakin sense!
    Indeed, the AMX ELC bis should raised to tier 8 IMO. It could be a perfect alternative to the brand new fake Batignolles-Châtillon 12t they are trying to implement.. If you give it its historical -8°, a fully-rotating turret in siege mode, give it a pen around 180-190mm and obviously buffs to its actual bad soft-stats.. It would become a really nice tier 8 IMHO! :)


    1. If the next qestion is “how does the french LT branch would look like” if we want those tanks to be more historical, logical and enjoyable, the answer is:

      t5: AMX 12t (autoloader removed, top gun pen should be 95mm).
      t6: AMX 13 FL11 (it was a pre-serie built with the EBR FL11 turret. This one is not autoloading as well, the top gun should be ok for its tier).
      t7: AMX 13 75 (top gun pen should be 156mm, the magazine should stay at 6 shots, since the IRL one is composed of 2 revolver-type magazines of 6 ammo each, allowing for 12 shots in a row.. but that would OP at tier 7, so keeping one of the revolver mag (giving us the classic 6 shots) is still the good option IMO).
      t8: AMX ELC bis
      t9: AMX 13 90 (should keep its 6 shots mag as well).
      t10: AMX 13 105 (should have a 6 shots autoloader as well, and no, it’s not OP if you give the shots 320 average alpha damage… Making the total pontential damage of the clip just the same as the Batignolles-Châtillon 25t… But more troublesome to deal since you have to make it with one more shot and with less pen).


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