Object 252U To Come On All Servers

Russian sources tell that the Object 252 U (Tier 8 Soviet Premium) will be on sale later this month, on all servers.

Link to Stats


38 thoughts on “Object 252U To Come On All Servers

        1. I know now. (If you have read the msgs below someone else told me WG buffed the frontal armor to insane level. At the time I wasn’t aware WG have buffed it becoz the link to stats above is still showing the 90mm frontal armor)


        1. It’s only 90mm pike nose on UFP, it seems to have <150mm LFP. And much less stanlium on the sides.

          I don't think it will be OP/above average on t8 HTs


          1. Dude…the tank has been buffed.

            It now has 130mm UFP, which makes it 350 effective against AP. Jagdpanzer E100 cant reliably pen it with HEAT since its 400 – 450 against HEAT…

            LFP is also now 140mm thick, making it 220 effective with ZERO angling.

            And lets not forget it has stalinium upper side which becomes autobounce without much need to angle (imagine T-22, ofc it doesnt cover entire side and isnt as bad as T-22 but still), its not THAT slow and has 440 alpha.

            Yeah that seems just about average among T8 HTs such as Caernarvon or Tiger II


      1. I heard that KV-122 isnt even that bad? I mean, its not IS-2 but pre-nerf KV-1S tier higher with 1,2k HP, better view range and majorly improved view range and gun stats that makes credits cant be that bad.

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        1. I’d say it’s more of a heavy medium, but yeah, it’s actually quite fun when you don’t play it like a heavy tank.


          1. Yea its certainly not true HT, especially with hull of tier 5 tank that is arguably already more a heavium than heavy in tier 5.

            I thought about buying it once but i passed after i had bought so much stuff for christmas already :P

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      1. On one hand I’m happy that he is working on buffing shit tanks to at least enjoyable levels but on the other hand I’m sad they released Skorpion G, Patriot, Liberté and planning to release this Gulag tank.

        And I haven’t even mentioned the 15cm derp on Type 4/5 and the armour buffs on both and the Maus.


  1. I suspected this was a way off, and to replace the IS-6. But I guess not. Seems they have halted their plans for +1 MM tanks removal. As after the removed half of them in 6 months, they suddenly did stop.


    1. It’s more profitable for WG to sell the new tanks in shitty bundles (although they seem to sell them unbundled recently) avaiable only in the premium shop for real money than to put them in the tech tree where people could buy them with gold.


      1. it seems the Mutz and VK45.03 are arriving in the tech tree…similar things have been happening in Blitz for a while; release off the tech tree, then place in it later…


    1. At least golden version, combat wise, isn’t any better than regular one. It just earn more. So it’s more “pay to earn” than “pay to win”.


  2. So what is next on the list in this downward spiral of powercreep, where each new premium must seemingly outperform the previous released ones.

    A quad tracked Doomturtle, firing 1Kt thermonuclear warheads projectiles?

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    1. the 1Kt thermo-nukes are its primary weapons.. For serious warfare it uses a belt-fed 100Mt fission/fusion weapon , does 100kph backwards, and armor made from the hand of Stalin out of pure unobtanium.. oh and did I mention the cloaking device and it is a tier 6 that shits gold?
      вы будете умирать под металл Российской империи!


  3. What the hell is that? This tank’s armour is so shit that only penetration nerf and accuracy nerf will possibly make it even remotely playable. #just_another_paper_russian_heavy

    Seriously though. With more hit points and no other changes it would still be a fucking decent tier 9 heavy.

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  4. Not only does it have good armor and insanely high alpha damage, it also has awesome pen for premium tank. If it had also preferential match making you would have said hello to the russian E25.


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