WoWS Q&A – 29th January 2017

Thanks to Babykim, EU

Q&A from RU dated January 27

Q: When will same keys activate same consumables on every ship?
A: This year will plan adding the option of mapping keys individually.

Q: It is unfair to nerf catapult fighters on battleships (90 seconds), but not on cruisers (360 seconds).
A: This is not an issue of fairness. This change in 0.6.0 was intended to balance ship classes. We needed to weaken the plane on battleships, but not on cruisers.

Q: Will you increase the skill point cap for commanders (currently 19)?
A: Not in the near future. The cap precludes well-rounded, universal commander builds, retaining a degree of variation.

Q: Do developers realize that players do not like high tier battles? Maps too large, distances too large, planes too fast, guns too powerful, etc. Do you plan changes to high tier gameplay?
A: The server statistics shows a steady increase in the number of high tier battles. Wether it is the long-awaited Yamato, or the tension of high tier matches, or the realization of a unique potential in each ship, we cannot say that high tiers are unpopular in general.

We understand that the game meta changes as the player climbs the tiers, and we do not see anything wrong with some players enjoying tiers V-VII more than tiers VIII-X. It is a personal preference.

Finally, the economy of high tiers is becoming more enjoyable not only due to changes in earnings and repair bills, but also due to containers and other sources of earnings that help adapting to high tiers by confering various bonuses.

Q: Do you plan changing the animations of sinking ships? All ships sink slowly till they explode, which looks a bit cheap for an otherwise great looking game. When will ships heel in battle (without affecting gameplay)? These changes would improve the show.
A: This year we plan to release a version in which all game effects will be reworked, not only the sinking animations. The heel is already in the game, but we do not see how to further increase it without affecting ship performance.

Q: Would it be possible to spend the elite ship experience on the commander, as in World of Tanks?
A: No, but since version 0.6.0 you can spend the elite commander experience on any commander of any nation.

Q: The permanent camouflage of tier X ships confers a 100 percent experience bonus that is quite useless. Change the bonus to free experience or commander experience would make this expensive upgrade (5k doubloons) more useful.
A: The experience is not entirely useless on tier X, as it is the basis for computing the free experience or commander experience. Moreover, the bonus allows obtaining containers and finishing tasks that require experience faster.

Q: What new types of weapons do you plan to add?
A: We cannot make such announcements here.

Q: When do you plan adding new game modes? The random battles are getting a bit boring; most players wait for ranked battles. Even online poker has seven game modes, yet ships have essentially only one, not counting the co-op.
A: We have two directions: the PvE and the PvP. Therein we have the co-op, random, ranked and team battles. Each of these for types has several game modes, such as Standard Battle, Domination, Epicenter, etc. On top of this we have unique game modes in special events, such as Bathtub and Halloween.

We are currently developing the PvE component by trying to maximize the variety of plays by offering different game modes. Additionally, we plan further developing the PvP component, and would be happy to share our plans with you in due time.

Q: Can you make the catapult fighter on battleships more aggressive to offset the shorted duration of 90 seconds?
A: The catapult fighter is working as intended, and we do not plan changing this in the near future.

Q: When will you get rid of the need to grind identical modules for different ships, for example top torpedoes on the IJN Ibuki and Kagero, requiring an additional 20k of experience.
A: Most of the modules in the game are unique to a ship, but sometimes the same type is used on several ships. The game economy already accounts for this. If the top torpedoes were available at the onset, then we would need to increase the cost of the hull accordingly.

Q: Can you change the team killer pink to any other color? I am colorblind and have difficulties telling the color.
A: You can use the Color Blindness Filter in the game graphics options. If you are still having difficulties telling team killers and enemies apart, note that allies direction is always shown left to right, whereas the enemy icons are oriented right to left.

Q: Do you plan compensating the top players on the losing team? I suggest giving the top two players of the losing team the bonus for winning, whereas the bottom two of the losing team should not be awarder the bonus for winning.
A: This is more of a suggestion than a question, but thank you nonetheless. We do not plan such changes in the near future. The player already receives the same amount of credits no matter if his team wins or loses. To get more experience you need to carry the game. There are battles in which a player carries hard, earns many achievements, but the game turns a loss. Because of that we plan additional awards for individual achievements.

Q: Will you add a timer for smoke?
A: The smoke timer is planned for this year.

Q: Tell us about the development of Russian battleships? Please do not tells us “not this year”. This is a much anticipated branch, and players would like to have a more systematic information on its development.
A: The Q&A are not intended for announcements of new ship branches.


26 thoughts on “WoWS Q&A – 29th January 2017

  1. Russian battleships….of course, before RN, MN, RM BB (UK, French, Italian), much anticipated by who? Even the Dutch navy was more active and took part to major battles while the Soviet navy biggest ‘exploit’ is probably the sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff….Let’s be a bit realistic please.

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    1. Shhhh watch out! or some russian lover gonna call you out for saying that russia never had a Navy without French copycats or italian projects till the 1960 yet they have 2 full branches in the game and are gonna get more soon :D

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      1. *repeatedly hits you both on the head with 600 page book on the Soviet Navy*

        Odd that when it is British, French or Italian “paper ships” its all fine but when it comes to soviet ships its “OMG NO THEY NEVER EXISTS!!111!!”.


      2. That said, the French BB line has a large chance of being a dud.

        Between the very meh low tiers with their below average (in terms of performance) 340mm guns, and higher tiers being redundant with USN BBs, the entire branch lives or dies with the tier6/8 and 10 ships.

        Tier 9 is just a less good Iowa in terms of firepower, AA and speed.
        So if the tier10 isn’t interesting and competitive, the entire branch simply fails.


        1. wow… where do you get your information dude… its awesome how misinformed one person can be

          Alsace and Richelieu say hi and i would not dare to call even one of these two ships uninteresting.


          1. Richelieu is tier8, which is one of the three tiers I called being crucial.

            Alsace is nothing more than a subpar Iowa.
            That’s not even debatable, that’s a fact.
            No reason to pick it over the Iowa.

            The French 340mm guns which will plague tiers 4, 5 and maybe even 7 will be horrendous.

            So, as I previously just said, the entire branch lives or dies with the tier6/8 and the to-be-determined tier10.
            If the tier10 is bad, the branch will fail.

            You can’t have only two good ships in a branch, and one worse version of an existing ship and have that branch be successful.
            That’s roughly the problem with US cruisers. Two good ships (Cleveland and DM) and the rest have really no purpose of being played when there are simply better ships that perform the same roles.
            I dare anyone to call the USN cruiser branch successful.

            SO please, keep going on about my misinformation, because it’s quite clear to me that you’re the one misinformed.


            1. Somehow this was about Russian BBs but we’ve gotten to French BBs. lol. But to add another inconsequential opinion, quite a few French BBs will have to be blueprint/creations of WG. The 340mm guns are rather unimpressive, atleast historically, and if they’re anything like the Dunk’s 330mm guns, I’d be dissapointed.

              Having said that, some of the possible low tier ships do look somewhat interesting, and the secondary layout is also quite unique. Many of them do carry alot of guns, so I’d imagine them to just shower areas with shells like NM or Fuso.

              If we look at the traits of the only current French BB, the Dunkerque, the main issue with it is that the guns are rather mediocre, the secondary layout is rather redundant, as most of them are facing the rear and hencefourth almost never utilized to their full extent. (I know why they put them there historically, it’s just that it’s not a problem in WOWS.) The secondaries will most likely have the same issues on the Richelieu, and at tier 8 with only 8 x 380mm guns, unless those 380mm guns are as good as the Bismarck’s, I worry. Also, Dunk’s AA gave me colon cancer, and her 25mm bow armor makes it eat citadels from 380mm guns daily, so it’s so dependent on getting a good matchup. Even same tier Battleships like Bayern and Warspite can do so much to the Dunk’s strongest armor.

              The Alsace designs are honestly too vague to judge right now, and to say that it’s going to be factually good or bad would be way too premature. God knows what would be at tier 7 since Rich is tier 8 and Dunk is tier 6.


              1. The Dunk’s guns are quite good.
                Just not very accurate.

                The 340s were simply awful, way worse than the 330s.
                And I fear those are the guns present at tier7.

                I maintain that the Alsace, while a good ship, will just be similar to the Iowa. Probably slower, and without the impressive USN super heavy shells.

                So the entire branch hinges off the Dunkerque, Richelieu and the tier10 ship.
                We know that the Dunk is good, there’s every chance that the heavier Richelieu will be a damn fine ship, but if the tier10 ship isn’t strong and interesting, there just won’t be any good reason to play that branch over the USN one.
                You can’t have a popular branch with only two good (read, good and with a unique niche that justifies it over its similar tier brethren) ships in it.


                1. The problem with the Dunkerque’s guns is that they seem to overpen on cruisers alot and fail to penetrate battleships. Her armor’s just subpar at best and her AA suit is lacking, and her speed is good but not amazing. I tend to find her similar to Kongo more than anything, and Kongo’s tier 5 ffs, with what I find to be superior guns.

                  The 25mm of armor is what I find to be most annoying overall, can’t even bounce battleship shells of it’s own tier for crying out loud. I do love the ship dearly but it’s not an easy boat to play.

                  They could just make Strasbourg some sort of uber upgraded Dunkerque and put her at tier 7.


              2. “Somehow this was about Russian BBs but we’ve gotten to French BBs.”
                That’s because everyone SO CARE about russian BS ;)
                Russian imperial navy was ok – so tier 3-5 can be interesting and fun, but anything above will be probably pure fantasy or never laid paper ships. Boooooring.


    2. the guy who made that question is right, the russian/soviet BB line is largely anticipated because everyone knows they will be overbuffed to not let them lag behind the other nations BBs
      there’s a reason as to why the russians/soviets had to hire british, french and italian engineers to design some of their best ships, even right now there’s 1 or 2 cruisers in the soviet cruiser line that were developed from a italian cruiser and yet the original has not been added to the game

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      1. RU server population is actually only about 4-5k higher than EU server. So if WG would listen to money, they would add more European navies


  2. I’ll be honest here, i’m not Russian but i do want the Russian BBs first. I don’t know why but i like them, and i want them. I don’t care if after tier 5-6 it’s all science fiction, i just want them.

    But, i have to agree that this should not happen because the British,French and Italian ships should have a much higher priority.

    Isn’t it curious though how THAT question found its way into a Q&A? It won’t surprise me if the devs decide that it’s best to introduce Russian BBs first in order to “complete” the tree which already has both Cruisers and Destroyers. That’s what they did with the German tree isn’t it?

    It should even be easier for them to work on Russian BBs because there’s really not a lot of variety. Up to tier 5 they should be derivatives of the Gangut class which will probably be the first BB of the line. Then there’s the Soyuz class which will probably be the tier 8 or 9 ship. That’s about it,the rest is easy to make and balance because its all fiction.Nobody will say “oh that part is wrong etc etc.”

    It would rage a lot though if they bring the Russian BBs first AND include the Arkhangelsk and the Novorossiysk because one is British and one is Italian.


    1. No. It’s simple, the devs are actually just choose 15 most upvoted questions in QnA thread and answer them. And obviously RU wants RU BB. Because USSR strong

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  3. Probably anticipated because their paper T10 CA and DD are already Stallium buffed. Thus I am curious how uniquely powerful their paper T10 BB would be.


    1. Like Stalin himself.
      12×18″ guns, 36 x turrets with dual purpose 2×130 mm guns, 1440x30mm AA, 4×5 533 mm torps, 1080 mm of armor, over 1 mln HP and reasonable 47 knots of speed with radius turn of 320 meters. Pretty balanced they say…. ;)


      1. Oh and I forgot obvious radar,smoke, hydro and one extra more damage control party.
        2 ships were build and are kept in secret in underground base near Murmansk, ships were named “Imperator Stalin” and “President Putin”. One will be premium [RU server only]
        All based on secret documents, fresh from NKVD/KGB ;)


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