6 New flags in – WoWS

6 New Additional flags have been added to the Flag.dds file in WoWS

Flags New 6.0.0.PNG

Flag 1: Chinese New Year:

Flag 2: Fire Rooster

Flag 3: Korean Turtle

Flag 4: Supremacy League Participant

Flag 5: Supremacy League Winner:

Flag 6: NikoPower (Developer) community flag design competition winner:

As much as I do adore the NikoPower flag, I do feel the need to mention that the design is clearly a tracing/editing of Zwei, from RWBY Chibi, a spin off show from the anime RWBY.

(My own screencap directly from RWBY Chibi: Episode 12)


16 thoughts on “6 New flags in – WoWS

  1. And the flag spam continues
    as predicted
    There will be a point where nobody actually cares as long as they are only cosmetic
    and soon you can not even brag with them because there are just to many to distinguish
    So what is the point then?

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  2. I’m not joking, they need to flip the “Luck” flag (chinese new year flag) upside down….that’s how the chinese place it IRL.


    1. This ideogram don’t even mean “luck”, but “blessing” or “good fortune” ;)
      Luck is 吉
      And we flip 福 only on restaurants, our home and other houses&buildings, as a welcome sign. Otherwise, it stays unflipped.

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    2. Non-flipped -> good fortune
      Flipped -> good fortune comes

      Both are valid and widly used in Chinese society.There is no really rigid rules on whether to flip it.

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    1. I instantly recognized it, anyone who watches RWBY Chibi (which Episode 12 has 973,000 views on its own, not counting the views on the RT website and other sources) Would also recognize the iconic proportions and pose that they gave Zwei in this spin off show.


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