WoWS: Sub_Octavian on Skill Tree Changes

I’ve been browsing through comments about 0.6.0 here and saw several trends I would like to clarify. I hope that will help you good folks to understand the update better and have more fun during Public Test(s).

P.S. This is actially an addition to official guide – or here for reddit copy-paste – I made. Please read it carefully, as I gathered all main argument there.

  1. Yes, we have kept “Radio Positioning”, while listening to ST feedback AND your “theoretical” concerns. This is why the skill is now 4 points and it shows a sector, not exact location. While it is powerful in some situations, I am just asking you this: before making rage posts go to PT and try (honestly!) to build a solid build with this skill. And think – just think – what would you sacrifice for this skill (e.g. on BB). And then, well, try it in game before making conclusions. Point is, the skill is not added to “ruin” any line or devaluate your mastery. It is a costly situational option. E.g. it may be very good in some game-staggering scenarios when 3-4 ships must chase some half-dead poor guy that tries to cap. Just an example.
  2. Overall, this update is NOT about class nerfs/buffs. It is about changing some particular builds or situations. It is about creating more real choice. And adding value to fully loaded commanders (elite XP, free respec, etc). Yet we hope cruisers and CVs will become more comofrtable/interesting and controlling population of BBs will become easier with this.
  3. This is not the only change planned. It’s not like we’re going to solve all current challenges with skills – watch the news. There will be more changes. Sorry, but this is living, breathing online game and it should be developed, tuned, tweaked, changed. “Don’t touch something that works right now” is not always good choice. These changes were made because we saw some potential to improve current design and because we believe leaving this stuff as it is may have bad influence on meta in several months.

I REALLY hope you guys will try the new stuff, write some thoughts (preferably on official forums in special topics) and complete PT survey, should you receive it. This is what PT means. And I really hope you will bring considered opinion after you get familiar with 0.6.0.



6 thoughts on “WoWS: Sub_Octavian on Skill Tree Changes

    1. It is a blatant lie or he is being retarded. The “sector” is just a very wide indicator, but the center still points squarely at the ship and you have to have some mental issue not to figure out where it’s pointing at, it’s almost accurate enough for a firing solution with some dispersion.


      1. “center still points squarely at the ship”
        No – check it out :
        There is 16 sectors – each 22.5 degree – as soon as target changes from one sector to another indicator changes to new location. So the only moment you knew exactly where the ship is – is the moment when target changed sector. And also : indicator is now not aligned with camera but with north – so you need extra moment to convert indication from absolute (north based) to your relative vector.
        It is not OP, but it counter hard all stealth based ships – I think this skill will be better for DD hunters then for BBs.


  1. It still has no reason to fucking exist.

    Jesus christ, you can try to feed me a shit sandwich all you want, trying to convince me that it’s not so bad because there’s some cheese masking the taste of shit, but I’ll still refuse because it’s a fucking sandwich with a big fat piece of dog shit in it.


    1. Exactly this. It may be costly, there may be more effective alternatives, but someone is going to take it. It’s an overpowered piece of shit, that ruins any chance you have at ambushing or surprising someone, who would otherwise not have any chance of knowing. It ruins EVERYTHING and EVERYONE who relies on stealth and clever use of terrain. It has absolutely fucking zero reason to exist and everyone who keeps perpetuating the self-delusion that it is not nerfing anything and not doing any harm, can frankly go fuck himself and jump off a fucking bridge. God! Fucking! Damnit!


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