World of Warships Soviet Battleship Line Proposal

Thanks to Katya for sending me the article.

Tier I: Orlan

Tier II: Petropavlovsk-class

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Generic Pre-Dreadnought, very similar to Mikasa, however has turreted secondaries instead of casemate mounted. Armed with 4x 305mm guns, 12x 152mm guns, top speed 17 kts, armour: 254-406mm nickel steel.

Tier III: Andrei Pervozvanny-class

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Another pre-dreadnought but this one is interesting as it has turreted 203mm secondaries (7 per side). Perhaps Wargaming could give these extra long range or maybe even the ability to be manually controlled. Armed with 4x 305mm guns, 14x 203mm guns, top speed 18.5 kts, armour 102-216mm KCA.

Tier IV: Gangut-class

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Stock would be her WWI configuration, while upgraded would be her WWII configuration (Marat, October, Paris), armed with 12x 305mm guns, 16x 120mm guns, top speed of 24 kts, similar to Svietlana, becomes upgraded to Soviet configuration with improved AA.

Tier V: Imperatritsa Mariya-class

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Improved Gangut design with increased armour and improved ROF on guns (up to 2.3 rpm), same armament of 12x 305mm, 20x 130mm guns with a top speed of 21 kts, armour up to 262.5mm of KCA.

Tier VI: Borodino-class battlecruiser (Also known as Izmail-class, named after the Battle of Izmail which took place in Southern Bessarabia)

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Similar design to previous ships with same turret layout, however now has 12x 356mm guns in 4 triple turrets, secondary battery 24x 130mm guns and a top speed of 26.5 kts. Armour thickness is 237.5mm of KCA.

Tier VII: Kronshtadt-class battlecruiser

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The first Soviet design in the tech tree, designed with input from Germany and the United States. Very similar to Gneisenau, due to also featuring 6x 380mm guns in the exact same turrets, due to the original triple 305mm turret design being incomplete top speed of 32 kts, armed with 6x 380mm guns, 8x 152mm guns, 8x 100mm DP guns. Top speed of 32 kts, armour thickness of 230-330mm of KCA.

Tier VIII: Stalingrad-class battlecruiser

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Here we come to a very interesting design, Stalingrad is slightly closer to a heavy cruiser than a battlecruiser due to her thin armour and higher top speed, she will effectively act like a bigger Moskva. Armed with 9x 305mm guns which are a new design featuring a 950 m/s muzzle velocity and a ROF of 3.2 rpm, 12x 130mm DP guns, with a top speed of 35.5 kts and a powerful AA battery, her downside is that she only has 180mm of belt armour, however due to its design it should be easy to angle.

Tier IX: Sovetsky Soyuz-class

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The classic design everyone knows, Sovetsky Soyuz, super battleship of the Soviet Union, even rivals the Yamato in size and actually features thicker armour. Armed with 9x high velocity 406mm main guns (substantially higher than Iowa’s) 12x 152mm guns, 12x 100mm DP guns, top speed of 28 kts and up to 420mm of KCA armour.

Tier X: “Super” Sovetsky Soyuz-class (430mm guns)

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I’m afraid I have not been able to find much data on this ship but from what I have found out it appears to simply be the Sovetsky Soyuz but rearmed with 430mm main guns and improved AA armament. I would assume speed would drop by about ~1kt due to this, other than that it would be fairly similar to Sovetsky Soyuz.

Tier V premium: Paris Commune (Sevastopol) 1942 Modernization

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The final modification of the Ganguts, Sevastopol featured improved armour, up to 225mm of KCA and torpedo bulges, as well as exceptionally powerful AA armament (the secondaries were reduced to 12x 120mm guns for this), and improved turret drives which increased her ROF from 2 to 2.3 rpm. These modifications reduced her top speed to 21.5 knots.

Tier II Premium: Battleship Potemkin

Included simply because she is very well known. Potemkin is effectively just a Mikasa with increased armour but a lower top speed of only 16 kts.

Tier VII Premium: Battleship Arkhangelsk (ex Royal Sovereign)

Arkhangelsk was originally the HMS Royal Sovereign, a Revenge-class battleship of the Royal Navy, however during the war she was given to the Soviets to make up for the fact that the Italian fleet could not be divided up at the time. She is effectively just a Warspite, but with improved AA, secondaries and she also has a pair of 533mm torpedo launchers.