WoWS: further changes to the new captain skills

Big thanks to Urakaze for translating.

Some changes were made to the new captain skill tree:

-Tier 2 skill [Two is better] (Sends two catapult fighter/spotter per use of consumable and increases cruising speed of the seaplanes by 20%) was moved to tier 1 in the support skills category

-Tier 1 skill [Evasive Maneuver] changed: -40% detectability of carrier attack planes, +15% survivability of carrier attack planes, but -30% to the speed of attack planes returning to carrier

-Tier 3 skill [High Alert] (-10% reload time of damage control party) was moved to tier 2 in the defensive skills category

-Tier 1 skill [Fog for the fog god] (+20% radius of smoke screen) was moved to tier 2 in the support skills category

-Tier 2 skill [Basic Survivability] (-15% time of fire, flooding and module incapacitation) was moved to tier 3 in the defensive skill category

-Tier 3 skill [Firey Takeoff] changed : enables carrier aircrafts to take off and land even when the carrier deck is on fire, +100% carrier burning time

-Tier 3 skill [Demolition Expert] changed : +2% chance of fire for HE shells and bombs

-Tier 4 skill [Keen Intuition] changed: Displays the direction of the nearest enemy to you, enemies detected by the skill receives a special warning, this skill cannot be used to detect carriers