WG Fest: WoWS Announcements + [2017 Preview] New Commander Skill Tree

Thanks to FERG3000 and godzilla5549 respectively

So WG announced a bunch of stuff for 2017.

  • Warehouse to be added soon.
  • Bet you’ll love this one: new Soviet destroyers. Three postwar ships were mentioned, not sure if it will be a full branch.
  • Clan functionality, including some sort of competitive stuff, in-game rewards and unique scenarios.
  • New captains with special skills like Steven Seagal.
  • An escort mode.
  • New skills.

New Commander Skill Tree

I will be starting with the top left and going over the right before going down.


Row 1

  • Situational Awareness+ (?): It is the same symbol as the old Situational Awareness skill, but this one has the addition of a small targeting icon. From earlier information, this will possibly allow someone to know how many players are locked onto them.
  • Preventative Maintenance: Looks to be moving from a Row 5 skill to a Row 1 skill. I would probably expect some power adjustments to it, unless WG has data to show that no one was using it and so they are just making it super easy to access.
  • Expert Loader: Looks to be no change. Still a Row 1 skill.
  • Aircraft Servicing Expert: Looks to be moving from Row 3 to Row 1.
  • Smoke Generator Modifier (?): It is the icon of the smoke generator with an up arrow, possibly meaning a multitude of things like more charges of smoke, longer lasting smoke, or larger smoke clouds.
  • Dogfighting Expert: Moves from Row 3 to Row 1. Likely just to make it more accessible and cost less. Still don’t expect it to be used much though.
  • Incoming Fire Alert: From Row 2 to Row 1. Still never worth using.
  • Attack Plane HP Up (?): The icon is similar to Air Groups Modification 3 (+15% to Attack Plane HP).

Row 2

  • Basics of Survivability: Looks to be moving from Row 1 to Row 2
  • Jack of all Trades: Moving from Row 5 to Row 2
  • Expert Marksman: Stays in Row 2
  • Torpedo Acceleration: Moving from Row 3 to Row 2
  • Last Chance: Moving from Row 5 to Row 2
  • Expert Rear Gunner: Moving from Row 1 to Row 2, so I expect some sort of a buff to the bonus it gives
  • 2 Catapult Fighters (?): It is the silhouette of the Catapult Fighter, but with 2 of them
  • Last Stand: Staying in Row 2

Row 3

  • Fire Prevention: Moving from Row 2 to Row 3, so hopefully they make it actually usable
  • High Alert: Staying in Row 3
  • Torpedo Armament Expertise: Moving from Row 2 to Row 3, so maybe a buff to its bonus
  • Fire on the Flight Deck (?): Icon is a carrier flight deck with a fire next to with, with plane appearing to be taking off
  • Advanced Firing Training: Moving from Row 4 to Row 3
  • Superintendent: Staying in Row 3
  • Demolition Expert: Moving down from Row 4 to Row 3
  • Vigilance: Row 3

Row 4

  • Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament: Moving from Row 5 to Row 4
  • Survivability Expert: Staying in Row 4
  • HEAP (?): One of the rumored skill, supposedly increases HE shell penetration while decreasing fire chance
  • Air Supremacy: Moving from Row 5 to Row 4
  • Basic Firing Training: Moving from Row 1 to Row 4 <—- This is a massive change and is essentially a semi-nerf to any destroyer as they will not be able to get BFT early and must now spend 4 skill points on the RoF buff
  • Manual Fire Control for AA Armaments: Staying in Row 4
  • Keen Intuition: Supposedly allows a ship to have an arrow displayed to the nearest target even if they are not spotted
  • Concealment Expert: Moving from Row 5 to Row 4

Row 5 has been removed and all skill have been moved to other positions.

No current skills are removed.