New Exclusive Premium for the Chinese Server

On the Chinese server, a new tank called WZ-111 Alpine Tiger will appear. This is similar to the Type 59 G and has similar bonuses, while having the exact same characteristics as the normal WZ-111.


18 thoughts on “New Exclusive Premium for the Chinese Server

    1. Gotta remember that the Chinese server is not run by WG. They rent the right to run it in China. And thus they can go to the dev servers and take and add any tank the want. And add any design they want. Much like console. Thus they get a few uniqe tanks other servers don’t have… like this I suspect. Tho then again, Chinese server is the reason we have the 111 in the first place. As they took it, sold it in a broken state. And WG took the Chinese stats to balance it and add it to the other serves.

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  1. Btw EU has discounts on the black pz58, so it cost less than €20, meanwhile SEA(I think NA is on the same boat) has no discounts.

    This year Christmas sale is ridiculously shitty…..


    1. So is only SEA that has to pay 35euro/37USD… WG Singapore office, do they assume all players in ASIA server is Japanese players now…..


  2. So what kind of bonuses we are talking about? The Type 59 G came with more credit income than a normal premium. Not sure how much more, but anything else?


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