Prototypes: Best Suggestions from the RU WoT Community

Thanks to Vlad for translating. Most of those ideas are actually quite nice.

1. Ribbons of medals/achievements in battle

There already are 8 ribbons in the game displayed during the battle. There also exists a mod (RTAN) to display achievements, medals etc during the battle. Why isn’t this added (with a disable option) into the base game, we don’t know.

2. Female filter in the barracks

Female crews are part of the game for a year already, but no functions were adapted for their appearence. I propose a filter for the barracks to filter out the female crew members, since I usually have to scroll through a huge list of hundreds of names. One simple filter would solve this.

3. Adjusting the match start delay in the training room

In 9.17 we will see some features for the training room, and this should be built upon. Those who spent much time in training rooms know that waiting 30 seconds is quite long. Especially if you do some 20-40 runs there. Summed up, the start delay can be some 10-20 minutes. I’d like to see a setting to change the delay in the training room window.

4. Separate minimap for platoons

Pinging at the start of a battle. Maybe you wanted to show your platoon mate where to go or point to a bush you’ve seen in a video, but all tomatoes interpret this as a direction and lemming train to it. So I would like to propose a separate platoon minimap, maybe by pressing Alt or Ctrl+RMB. Or a setting in the minimap settings. Another option would be small buttons above the minimap to change the map.

5. Marking spotted allied/platooned vehicles

I propose to make a special mark for allied vehicles who have been spotted already (golden golor/special icon border/etc.), but only when they have sixth sense. I think this will be better than the “I’m spotted! Halp plz!” mods.

6. Additional custom settings for the reticle

It would be convenient to implement a “reticle workshop”. Here, one could change the font, color of all indicators and change the form of the reticle by templates or sliders. Enlarge or shrink the panel, all in all maximum customization options.

This way, each player could customize his reticle for his personal needs and it would remove the need for mods.

7. Icon for a banned player in clan chat window

Implement an icon for a player in the clan chat who has been chat banned. It happened already that you’re being messaged but the sender doesn’t know you were chat banned since you’re not in his friends list.