Advent Calendar day 3. (03.12.2016.)

DAY 3: TYPE 62




  • VII TYPE 62;
  • GOLD: 6,150;


The offer for Day 3 in the Advent Calendar features a great Chinese light tank that is fast, sneaky, and can have a noticeable contribution to the team’s damage dealing potential—the Type 62!

Get it together with a Garage Slot, some Personal Reserves, and a solid amount of gold to cover any and all premium expenses you may have.

p.s. This offer is available only for 24h

18 thoughts on “Advent Calendar day 3. (03.12.2016.)

  1. 40 Euro for this crap bundle?
    Holy shit…
    And you can\’t even buy it without the crappy bundle!

    There goes our hopes and dreams for WGEU not being a retarded jerk with the premium shop items….

    1. You can put down the pitchforks and stop the undeserved WG EU hate this time. Every region can only get this tank in a bundle because it\’s a \”rare tank\”. Same will happen with the KV-5 I reckon and a few others maybe.

      1. Also it\’s still the cheapest one out of NA, SEA and EU. This year NA gets the shit end of the stick if there is no offer without bundle since so far they have artifically inflated all bundle prices to 60 dollars.

      2. Nono, that\’s not what I do.
        You see, I had this tank before and it\’s shit. Worse than its regular counterpart in every way.
        So I see no point in why would they even want to sell it, especially in an expensive bundle.

        But whatever man.

      3. I don\’t think KV-5 is sold only in bundles… i mean you are usually able to buy it around new year with the bundle or just the tank with garage SLUT !

        I bought it for 35€ in prem shop and have over 1000 battles in it now.

        But i hate this tank because it\’s so unreliable and mm dependent. I would love to have something like T26E5 without clown camo.

    2. Got it for free, can\’t even remember why. Played it only a couple of times, decent tank i guess but not worth 40€

      1. Decent?
        Well, if a tank has no armor, shitty gun, bad mobility, is tier 6 and can see up to tier 9, then I wouldn\’t call it \’decent\’.

        But hey, whatever floats your goat, man…

  2. One of the few tanks I considered picking up during this calendar. But of course, WG is only selling it in a overpriced bundle.

    Props to WG for only keeping their promise for 2 days.

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