Advent Calendar day 1. (01.12.2016.)

  • GOLD: 3,500.


The offer for Day 1 in the Advent Calendar contains a rare German medium tank, the Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. K. Not only is it a good addition to the collection of any German Premium tank collector out there, but it will also serve as a good training platform for your German medium tank crews. Its playstyle is also consistent with other German mediums in its Tier, which means that there shouldn’t be any need for adaptation if you decide to hop into it.

Get it together with a Garage Slot and some gold for additional expenses!

p.s. This offer is available only for 24h

24 thoughts on “Advent Calendar day 1. (01.12.2016.)

    1. with worse gun handling and mobility

      and pz iv d is not great to begin with

      what WG was thinking…

  1. Day 1 : Give us money
    Day 2 : Give us money
    Day 23 : Give us a fuckton of money
    Day 24 : \”Here\’s an free underpowered tier2 using a recycled model for a underpowered premium we never released lol. Merry Christmas you addicted morons.\” -WG marketing

    1. In the description of this year\’s Advent Calendar, you can find a mention of never seen before tankS, plural, so to guestimate, we\’ll see tier 7 German TD and ??? I have NO idea what else is on the menu 🙁 🙁 🙁 BTW it would be logical to get a Swedish tank as NY gift, but we\’ll see, maybe we will get a Polish one? All in all, WG doing it as always, very good for their profits…

      1. Here you go my friend. All tanks in the client which haven\’t been released yet:

        L-60 (This will be Xmas gift)
        Ke-Ni Otsu
        Pz III Ausf. K (Today\’s offer)
        VK 65.01 (H)
        Object 244
        T71 CMD
        T92 LT
        VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B7
        Krupp-Steyr Waffenträger
        T25 Pilot Number 1
        Somua SM

        1. I believe we will get that TD, no matter what\’s in the client now. We\’re getting a regular update (9.17) in about 2 weeks? And it\’s always possible to add new tanks via a micropatch. We might be surprised with \”cool\” \”good\” \”proper\” tanks we get in this advent offers 🙂 🙂 🙂

    2. \”Give us a fuckton of money\”

      This will be like 3 times in the middle of the calendar selling the BT-SV, Pz II J, and Hydrostat for free if you buy 30k gold or 15k gold and 15 million credits

  2. Underpowered as f*ck and more expensive than the other Tier 5.

    DON\’T EVER BUY IT. Not even as a collector, trainer, nothing. You\’ll just suffer.

  3. plus in NA with that Tanks Rewards event, they are giving it free, if you scored 30 points with the missions, or you could choose the chinu-kai or m4 improved (i will pick this pz3k just because it is worth more gold, cause its really a pretty bad tank)

  4. seems like WG EU are doing it right.
    You can buy it bundled or standalone with only the needed garage slot.

    It\’s just the first day so expecting something outstanding would be crazy… but still non bundled version gives me hope that if i really like something i will be able to buy it without the stuff i don\’t need.

  5. So, for Day 25, should be a Tier 2 \”free\” tank with Christmas Tree camouflage?

  6. So they did it.
    They released this crap.
    Others already said my thoughts, with it being the Pz. IV D but a tier higher and worse, so I don\’t have much to say.

    At least they gave the option to buy the tank without the \’useless crap bundle\’.
    Now I wonder, will I see even a single one of these today if I play in my Turán?

      1. Wait, this crap is tier 5, why wouldn\’t I see it in an also tier 5 prem tank?

  7. Pz.III
    + upgunned to 75mm L/43
    – front bolt-on armor removed
    – mobility cut by half
    = Pz.III K (tier 5)

    ++ upgunned to 85mm F-30
    + much more armor added
    – worse but still acceptable mobility
    = T-28E F30 (tier 4)

    10/10 very stronk would bias again

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