WoWS: IJN Tree Split Info

Source: Tuccy, EU WG Staff

Well, this question seems to pop up a lot and it saddens me to see that people do not recall previous shifts in the tech tree (after all, with this update Kagero will just return to her rightful place on tier VIII, where she was in the beginning… And Fubuki gets to HER rightful place as first “Special Type” destroyer and cause of panic in other navies)…

So while the full compensation scheme is generally a nice wall of text, it all boils down to:

  • You keep the tier – and get some goodies on top depending on what you already have. 
  • If you have a ship that is being moved in your port, you get both the ship in her new tier and her replacement.
  • All upgrades, camouflages etc. will be removed for free and put into storage.
  • If you have a permanent camouflage on that ship, you will get permanent camouflages both for the ship in her new tier and for her replacement.
  • Example: You have Hatsuharu (VII) with permanent camo. After patch, you will have Hatsuharu (VI) and Akatsuki (VII), both with respective permanent camo.