WoWS: IJN Tree Split Info

Source: Tuccy, EU WG Staff

Well, this question seems to pop up a lot and it saddens me to see that people do not recall previous shifts in the tech tree (after all, with this update Kagero will just return to her rightful place on tier VIII, where she was in the beginning… And Fubuki gets to HER rightful place as first “Special Type” destroyer and cause of panic in other navies)…

So while the full compensation scheme is generally a nice wall of text, it all boils down to:

  • You keep the tier – and get some goodies on top depending on what you already have. 
  • If you have a ship that is being moved in your port, you get both the ship in her new tier and her replacement.
  • All upgrades, camouflages etc. will be removed for free and put into storage.
  • If you have a permanent camouflage on that ship, you will get permanent camouflages both for the ship in her new tier and for her replacement.
  • Example: You have Hatsuharu (VII) with permanent camo. After patch, you will have Hatsuharu (VI) and Akatsuki (VII), both with respective permanent camo.

12 thoughts on “WoWS: IJN Tree Split Info

    1. Yes, special in many ways.
      Fubuki should in fact be at tier 5 – as a first in a world modern destroyer. She appeared in 1927 and made world shocked – it was best armed, one of fastest and with outstanding range. Best DD of 1920s. Oh and they also had dual purpose main guns – also first time in DDs.
      Of course this type also had some issues – they were top-heavy and that decreased stability and durability of hull during bad weather. It caused The Fourth Fleet incident
      and later Fubuki’s were refitted – which reduces its top speed.

      Fubuki is victim of balance – it was so good in real life that in game it is up-tiered. Probably HMS Dreadnought will also be victim – it should be tier 2, but probably will be tier 3…

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      1. Tech trees aren’t made according to construction date but according to performance and I honestly think it’s better line this.
        If it was the opposite, the ship would simply be overpowered for its Tier OR its stats nerfed to oblivion to fit.

        Do you imagine a Maus placed according to chronology in the wot’s tech tree? Fascist bunkermobile at Tier 7 *trollface*


        1. Maus should be tier 8 – same as IS-3. And it would make it worth to play – tank where armor does count ;)
          But i have no idea what should be tier 9 and 10 after this… Ratte is not a tank, and Leo… lets say it is not a valid HT :)


          1. Maybe the Maus isn’t the most worthy tank to play at Tier 10… But even at Tier 8, it would still be OPAF.
            Too much armor and too powerful gun.


        1. Oh aye, I’ve learnt the hard way from WoT, never trust WG :P (I should point out that captain reset was a joke. It’s hard for me to make text look like a joke. I’ve no bloody clue what WG has in store for us)


  1. Looks like i will be buying a few extra dds before patch.
    And basically premo camo is 50% off for those few dds that being changed.
    And a 100% discount on the dds.
    Holy moley.
    This will be the best deal so far.
    Even better than 400 bucks for all those ships.


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