WoWS: Black Friday Bundle for NA


  • A ship never seen before on the server will be in a bundle for Black Friday. EDIT: predictions being Spee or Oleg… or maybe Shinonome
  • No date for IJN Split
  • Mighty MO (Missouri) will be in the game in the next couple of weeks with no price specified (Free XP to purchase)
  • They balance ships based on stats from all servers, not based on meta from individual regions
  • They watch all social media for complaints and review them (Such as the Montana deck armor buff) for legitimacy

13 thoughts on “WoWS: Black Friday Bundle for NA

  1. -No date for IJN Split

    Please, please, PLEASE let it be because they realized that they’re killing them off, and by extension making the best torpedo DDs USN tier7+ DDs.


    1. Pigeon of War commented on Reddit saying he knows the exact date of the split but won’t divulge; in the event that it gets delayed he doesn’t want people to get mad at him for giving what would be a wrong date at that point.


  2. I noticed when i checked my stats yesterday. i have gone from over 200 games to only 179. have no idea what has happened. but it did improve my rating to 51% LOL

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