WoWS: Leberecht Maass Complete Stats

*Please note that the following stats are subject to changes before it is released*

Z-1 Leberecht Maass
Tier 7 German destroyer

Ship HP: 17500
Max Speed: 37 knots
Rudder Shift Time: 6 seconds
Turning Circle Radius: 640 m
Surface Detectability: 7.74 km
Air Detectability: 4.02 km

Main Battery
128mm L/45 LC/34 (5 x 1)
Range: 11 km
Sigma: 2.0
Reload Time: 4 seconds
Turret Rotation Speed: 22.5 sec/180°

HE Ammo: 128mm Spr.Gr.
Damage: 1500
Drag coefficient: 0.27
Initial velocity: 830m/s
Chance of fire: 7%

AP Ammo: 128mm Pz.Gr.
Damage: 3000
Drag coefficient: 0.27
Initial velocity: 830m/s
Krupp: 1647

G7 Steinbarch (2 x 4)
Damage: 14400
Speed: 65 knots
Range: 8.5 km
Reload: 90 seconds
Detectability: 1.3 km

G7 Steinbutt (2 x 4)
Damage: 13700
Speed: 65 knots
Range: 8 km
Reload: 90 seconds
Detectability: 1.3 km

37mm Flak LM/42 (4 x 2)
3.5km range, 41 damage

20mm Flakvierling 38 (1 x 4)
2km range, 6 damage

20mm Flak 38 (6 x 1)
2km range, 18 damage

Damage Control Party on first slot, Smoke Screen on second slot, Engine Boost on third slot, Hydroacoustic Search on fourth slot

Source: gamemodels3d


4 thoughts on “WoWS: Leberecht Maass Complete Stats

  1. So this thing plays like a slightly bigger Mahan, but with more speed, better guns, better torpedo disposition, more dangerous and damaging torpedoes, and a HAS consumable in an additional slot.

    The powercreep is fucking real.
    It’s not subtle or slow, it’s just right there in your face.

    Calling it now, ships in 2019 will have 8 upgrade slots and 5 consumables including radar from tier5 upwards.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. looks pretty similar to Blyskawica, with guns slightly worse and torps slightly better… turning is almost cruiser like, and hydro search is nice to have when somone launches a spread of torps into your “angry looking smokescreen”


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