Murazor on premium vehicle changes

Thanks to Vlad for translating!

Hello, I would like to clarify some things about the premiums. First of all, this is all preliminary and can be changed during testing. Also, there are many questions regarding other premiums, like why didn’t we buff the SuperPershing etc. SuperPershing is a budget premium tank and even has preferential MM, and it is comfortable on it’s tier considering it costs around 7k gold, a tank for 7k gold can’t be the same as a tank for 12k.

In patch 9.17 we’re dealing with the tanks that have serious problems for which we know a solution. There are also T-44-100, T-54 mod.1, KV-5 etc. which do not have a simple solution, we did not forget about them and wil test various possibilities to change them.

Now, more on the current changes:
1. Löwe’s upper glacis was buffed so he can tank tanks of his own tier, if it’s not enough it will be buffed further, together with the 100mm sides buff it could tank with a hidden lower glacis quite well. Turret was also buffed, though it was good in itself already. Regarding proposals to buff mobility, we thought about them and will buff it if neccesary.

2. Panther 88 got its’ vertical gun angles buffed so it’s similar to the Panther II, the model wil also be corrected to accomodate this.

3. FV4202 had its’ max speed buffed to Centurion level. The costlier shells are now compensated by increased profitability.

4. I think everything is clear regarding the Revalorise.

5. STA-2 recieves normal maximum speed, as an MT should have, and a more powerful engine. We do remember STA-1 and other Japanese tanks, we’ll get our hand on them later.

6. WZ-111 and 112. 111 is more mobile, has a more comfortable gun and less armor. 112 is slower, less comfortable gun, more armor. Preceding this buff, these tanks were almost identical, now they’ll have different gameplay.