Murazor on premium vehicle changes

Thanks to Vlad for translating!

Hello, I would like to clarify some things about the premiums. First of all, this is all preliminary and can be changed during testing. Also, there are many questions regarding other premiums, like why didn’t we buff the SuperPershing etc. SuperPershing is a budget premium tank and even has preferential MM, and it is comfortable on it’s tier considering it costs around 7k gold, a tank for 7k gold can’t be the same as a tank for 12k.

In patch 9.17 we’re dealing with the tanks that have serious problems for which we know a solution. There are also T-44-100, T-54 mod.1, KV-5 etc. which do not have a simple solution, we did not forget about them and wil test various possibilities to change them.

Now, more on the current changes:
1. Löwe’s upper glacis was buffed so he can tank tanks of his own tier, if it’s not enough it will be buffed further, together with the 100mm sides buff it could tank with a hidden lower glacis quite well. Turret was also buffed, though it was good in itself already. Regarding proposals to buff mobility, we thought about them and will buff it if neccesary.

2. Panther 88 got its’ vertical gun angles buffed so it’s similar to the Panther II, the model wil also be corrected to accomodate this.

3. FV4202 had its’ max speed buffed to Centurion level. The costlier shells are now compensated by increased profitability.

4. I think everything is clear regarding the Revalorise.

5. STA-2 recieves normal maximum speed, as an MT should have, and a more powerful engine. We do remember STA-1 and other Japanese tanks, we’ll get our hand on them later.

6. WZ-111 and 112. 111 is more mobile, has a more comfortable gun and less armor. 112 is slower, less comfortable gun, more armor. Preceding this buff, these tanks were almost identical, now they’ll have different gameplay.


32 thoughts on “Murazor on premium vehicle changes

    1. You really want more DPM ? This thing already have plenty, i think that only a pen buff to 175 is really necessary and presonnaly i already love it like he is now.


  1. Quote: “3. FV4202 had its’ max speed buffed to Centurion level. The costlier shells are now compensated by increased profitability.”

    So instead of reaching for a better overall solution, one that also addresses one small balance issue, by lowering the 20pdr A shell cost. Meaning a positively affect for the Cent1 as well. Which is, like most tier 8 meds, in need of attention!
    The balance team seemingly continuesto focus and adjusts only the premium content which only generates short term income.

    So in effect maintaining the status quo, the overall game balance issues, which is hindering the f2p content on several tiers.

    My ideas what needs to be done, albeit not realistic, are clear to most.

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  2. As usual, the task of making premiums better than regular or as good is a big misstake. Why should löwe be as competitive as the tiger II? Regular tenks shiuld always be better and much better according to mi.


  3. What exactly has the panther II over the panther 8.8? Panther II has worse gun handling and lower dpm and now it will have less mobility than the panther 8.8. If they buff armor on the löwe and mobility it will be better than tiger Ii because it has better side armor and turret and penetration, allthough worse dpm, but it is a fucking premium it shouldnt even be competitive against the fucking tigre dos.


      1. The long 8.8 has inferior dpm. It has much better pen, but 203mm pen on the current panther II is a very good gun alredy. It only needs lower aim time. Panther II is not bad and never was, how ever the engine nerf has hit it a bit as well as OTHER tenks being introduced or buffed. Powercreep in its finest. I will still use the old gun though, it has very good dpm and suits the panther II good. Why the fuck would a tier 8 MT need more than 203mm pen anyways? That is even more than t32 and vk45a ffs. Now even tier 8 MTs are beginning to have similar pen as tier 8 HTs, and that is a negative trend.


        1. When I faced the E-75, 4502B, T28, KV-4, 88/71 hardly penetrates them. But now Panther II 88/100 can do it. It will be more useful in some cases. 88/71’s AP penetration level is higher than other tier 8 medium but, Its maximum penetration is not higher than others.


  4. I mean I have at least 1000 games on tenks like panther II, tiger II, kv4, vk45a and caernarvon and all have 4-5 skill crews and 3 MOE, I see how these suffed compared to other tier 8 premiums. It is not fun with the powercreep that is going on anymore.


  5. And gold ammo dont make the situation better either. Lets take the 112 or the wz111 they have better armor and mobility than tiger II and if using prem ammo they have better pen and better alpha. Premiums shouldnt be allowed to use prem ammo at all. It is not even funny how big the differance is between some regular tier 8 tenks and premiums that on top of that use gold ammo. That gap is so fucking huge that u can squeeze a cola bottle between the pusse lips. Wg must be fucking blind, and how can they speak about balance when they dont change the obvious. Lets remove gold ammo and de-buff all tenks that were made strong in the last patches, and start over with real balance or armor, mobility and firepower.


        1. It is a premium which everyone had the chance to get ‘for free’.
          So it should not only be worse than its regular counterpart, it should be sub-par in every aspect.
          So far it proved to be better than its peers, both in the regular tree and premium vehicles.
          So I’m not saying that it should get nerfed… but it could really use a proper recalibration. Especially with the mobility.

          (In my previous comment I said ‘nerf’ because that’s a way easier way to summ up the thing I talked about just now.)


          1. I don’t like to follow that – It has to be worse, because it is a tank that everyone had the chance to get for free. Like all the gifttanks what are just garbage.

            You had to play lot of games or even buy a lot of tokens what made the tank even more expensive than other premiums.

            We already said good bye to the old myth that premiums has to be worse than regular tanks on its tier or their counterparts.

            I like the T-44-100 as it is right now. There are other tanks what need more attention. Like Type 62 or Schmalturm. The other 2 tanks on my list of “they need badly a buff” were tnhe Lowe and WZ-111


            1. As I said, in fact, begin the whole thing with, this is my opinion.
              WG is known to do stupid shit, you can expect them pulling the most illogical crap at any given moment.
              You know that.

              Either case, we will see what happens next. Eventually.


  6. Lowe needs a ROF buff BAD!
    You have to stay a bit back due to shit mobility and shit rate of fire, and there you just watch your team melt in front of your eyes and you can’t stop it with this shit DPM


    1. Nah, effective DPM is kinda high on the Löwe. Haven’t played the tank in the last six months, but I remember the effectiveness of that gun quite well. If you miss or don’t pen with the Löwe, you are doing something wrong.

      The armor buff is needed, als well as a mobility buff. That’s what’s killing this tank.

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      1. i miss and bounce fully aimed shots with Lowe, same goes for T34.
        Not because i’m retarded but because aiming system is 100% RNG.

        I will fully aim my shot with Lowe and miss the guy standing 50m away from me because shell decided to fly to the far upper corner.
        Then i drive down the hill zig zag with KV-2 and i can snap shot somebody who is 400m away from me.

        The dumbest thing about this accuracy system is when i miss 3 half aimed shots with Amx 13 90, trying to hit arty that is 100m away and then arty manages to turn towards me and right away boom – snap shot, hit and 1 shot or most of the crew dead and fire.

        There should be some logical algorithm behind this aiming system and penetration mechanic.

        Player should be able to predict some things like – if i fully aim i will probably hit…
        but that doesn’t work here. When you play tanks like WZ-111 you should never aim because there is equal chance that you will hit where you aim if you fully aim or snap shot when going 50/h


    1. Only thing I really want for the StuG IV is a pen buff. For an equivalent pen to the l/70 I will be happy to get rid of Preferential MM.


  7. Dont you realize how dangerous this premium tenk buffing is? All premiums have been buffed, will be or have been during HD rework. Why did WG gave up on their old policy that prems should be worse than regular tanks? Majority of prems perform as good or better than regular tier 8 tenks, either due to pref MM or just being flat out better.


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