WoWS Q&A – Halloween 2016

Thanks to Babykim, EU

Some interesting highlights from an older stream with JamesWhite (10 October). Next stream is scheduled for today.

1). There are plans to sell signals for doubloons in the client.

2). In the future, there will be an assault game mode in coop.

3). We plan 3-4 (including the Belfast) premiums this year, 1-2 at a minimum if the others are delayed in testing.

(Albert, Perth and ?)

4). We are working on German destroyers.

5). Everyone who finished grinding all Japanese ships will receive the Mikasa as a New Year’s gift.

(This is confirmed, but might be RU only).


2 thoughts on “WoWS Q&A – Halloween 2016

  1. Mikasa….
    Paid mine 20 bucks with loads of gold. Should have waited to get it in-game and buy OP-rator instead..
    I also regret the Texas, not that it is a bad ship, but because loyal players have/had o pay 20 for it while afk get it for free super easily. => should have gone afk. “fck the active player”

    Good news about the PVE. I have big hopes for this. :)


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