VK 45.03 Coming on EU


20 thoughts on “VK 45.03 Coming on EU

        1. even if this thing is tier 7, looks like another ripoff from the 4502. it should be added as a standard tank for the mauschen line.


          1. Except this is actually a Henschel tank and the prototype for the Tiger II, it has nothing to do with any of the Porsche tanks. It would be like putting the IS prototype into the KV line.

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                1. original hull was still kv-13. modified or not. and bmw is bmw. bmw is not renault. not really sure what you are salty about whores…


  1. this is an awesome tank its turret is total crap but the side armor is great and the front armor is ok. the gun though is epic that aim time on that 88 feels so dam good because most tanks that get this gun have a 2.7s aim time having 2.3 is so dam nice and even though it cant use vert stabs its pretty good on the move too. this is 100 times better as a german ht crew trainer than the lowe.


    1. The accuracy is pretty good too, gameplaywise its very similiar to the Tiger2 – A flexible tank that can pick its fights. And indeed so much better than the Löwe…


        1. Nope, so totally nope ;) The VK45.02A has a vastly different playstyle imho, much more like a fat medium. This starts with the gun (high dpm, bad pen for a T8 heavy, bad accuracy, good handling), goes over the hull with its front mounted turret (120mm front with NO lfp weakness, indestructible if angled enough, which makes it one of the very few tank fronts you can reliable bait shots with) and stops with the mobility/agility. You can pull a lot of crazy ultraggressive shit with the A if you know how to abuse the above points, which makes it pretty much the ultimative flanking corner troll in the game (you can also quite well wipe the floor with Tier 6 tanks that think that can take you). It sucks however completely at everything else – Especially so in Tier10 games with no flanking opportunities.

          The VK45.03 is, like the Tiger2, much more of a generalist. Similar weapon feeling, similiar hull feeling. You can hang back and fire support very well, you can snipe nicely if you’re in a very Tier9 heavy game, and while its armor isn’t exactly good, you can still toss it front first into a brawl if you see the need without cringing the whole time like you do with the Tiger1, the sloping really helps a lot here.


  2. well, I own the VK 45.03 and it is pretty nice. surely not OP thanks to that very weak turret and the rather bad DPM, but the gun handling is very good. my E75 crew is using it for crew training and thanks to the rather cheap AP-shells and their good pen (compared to IS-2 Berlins 122mm gun) the tank is a slightly better money maker.

    and: it really looks very nice, this was a big plus for me. plus as a tier 7 you are not all the times fill up material for tier 10, like tier 8 tanks (Tiger II, 110 and Pershing in my garage know this all too well :-/ ).

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  3. I like mine – not only does it shoot well, but mobility is awesome. Feels balanced out with not-so-strong armour but enough to call it a heavy tank. Can definitely recommend if you play enough tier 7…


  4. I own one and I love it. Better prem than the Löwe, it’s more fun to play. It’s basically a better Tiger I. The only withdrawal is the dpm, which is a lot less then the Tiger I. Gunhandling and accuracy is way better, I find it easier to do consistent damage with the VK than with the Tiger.

    The armor is also ‘better’, because it is sloped. Lower frontplate is suprisingly tough for lower tiers. Mobility is also OK for a heavy. Feels the same as the Tiger, but with lower topspeed.


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