WoT Development : New mechanics for Swedish vehicles


27 thoughts on “WoT Development : New mechanics for Swedish vehicles

  1. Here I see an idea for it to be implemented to artillery, deployed mode and travel mode. If this mechanics actually works good and well on the Swedish tanks.

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      1. Accuracy?!..HELL No! Oh please RNGesus NO! I’d say give it even less :)

        Idea, which has nothing to do with the up/down mechanism to raise the hull, goes more with this:
        Deployed mode:
        – limitation on movement and hull traverse speed
        – disabled crosshair in 3rd person mode
        – only allow firing in 1st person topdown/BA view (whatever is implemented)
        Travel mode:
        – enabled crosshair in 3rd person
        – each gun has a FIXED (bad) accuracy
        – unable to access topdown/BA view (whatever is implemented)

        For this to be useful it also needs LESS alpha, or as WG tested it: less pen.
        A rework of the shot dispersion sigma, making it dynamic as a function or the aim circle size. This would also be helpful to address for snapshotting derp guns.

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        1. Dynamic sigma – yes please. No more shots flying into the edge of the circle when fully aimed, equally no more shots hitting exactly where you’re aiming in full speed and full turret turn IS-3’s. And like you said, it’d be best tied to physical size of a circle – derpguns would have worse sigma than Leopard, which is only fair IMO.

          Dynamic sigma, less RNG on DMG, very little to none RNG on penetration and simple checkbox “no arty in my games *champagne bottle*” (it is doable, encounter/assault modes work, this would too) would dramatically drop the frustration/saltiness.


            1. Why not? If someone wants to play with arty he can, if someone doesn’t because he thinks it’s a retarded mechanic he can choose not to. By default everyone will play with arties so there are not 5 arties per battle and MM isn’t completely broken. No harm done to any side, almost no work on WG’s side.

              Everyone is happy, arty players can click, people saying “great shot by enemy arty” can still enjoy being shot by it, people hating arty don’t have experience it any more, money to WG keeps flowing.


  2. You have got to ask yourself:
    What was so hard about tying the standard turret elevation mouse movement to the suspension and just locking extreme elevation/depression when speeds go over say….5=>10 km/h?

    Why do we need a completely new mechanic for this?

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  3. I see a new OP-Star on the WoT Sky….
    I actually like this new mechanic but all these features seem to make this tank OP from the beginning.
    – 10 degrees of gundepression
    – Siege-Mode with camo net and binocs on while turning
    – Extreme slope -> inpenetrable
    – As fast backward as forwards

    Also i really worry about the STB1 i love this tank but in RL it uses the same mechanic and i dont want a medium tank with siege mode and 5 degrees of gundepression!!!!!!

    I am thrilled as i am worried

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    1. The STB-1 will probably behave like the Strv without siege mode, since it doesnt really need one, -10 degree gun depression when you are going slow/ stopped and 5 when you are moving ,probably.
      So calm down.

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    2. Agree completely.

      I don’t know if it’s going to be OP or not, but from what I’ve seen it looks like it’s gonna be a bitch to deal with.
      -Armor is mostly autobounce frontally, and it eats HEAT – you’re really only going to damage it from very close range or sides
      -amazing camo from supertest stats, even if they nerf the camo it’ll still stay high, and it will probably keep it’s camo values stationary + potential camonet bonus (with everything camo related on, just sitting in the open with no bushes vehicle with 445m viewrange isn’t gonna spot you on more than 150m by my rough calculation).
      -fast + good depression – have fun trying to shoot it back

      Only downside is that it’s stationary, but that’s easy to counter by camping, which is what pubbies will do. Grille is already a pain in the ass to fight against on open maps, this has camo and armor compared to Grille. Don’t like it at all tbh, it might not be overpowered (bad gun stats from supertest) but it has too many extremes.

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    3. Ahhh i forgot of course the two (at least for now) other facts that makes this UFO OP:
      – Extreme camo values (especially good with camo net)
      – The Heat Shield (at least the TierX Heat spammer will get a bit punished :3)

      other facts will follow

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  4. Interesting. Now, apart from the new suspension mode, the Strv 103 will be a tier X E 25: Small, great camo, “machinegun” cannon.

    The bad part about these vehicles is that if you get spotted, you’re pretty much screwed.
    6th Sense: 3 seconds to activate + 2 seconds to activate normal mode = 5 seconds in which you’ll most likely be dead.

    Another nice feature that appeared in the video is the reverse speed… it’s bloody the same. Are we sure this isn’t in the french tree? XD

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  5. So basically, you won’t be able to see it afar, but it will see you and kill you.
    You won’t be able to shoot it because it can move its hull so the least amount is visible.
    And even if you can shoot it, good luck, the anti-HEAT grid will fuck up all the red scum meds’ attempts!


    I will have two, please!

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  6. Kind of OP but i will wait until it hits the test server.
    Some things can look a little different at first glance.

    I hope they don’t overbuff it and stay reasonable with this one.

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    1. From the feeling i have, it will be a good tank in the hands for good players. I’m not sure that bad players will be able to do something with it.
      And also, it will be easy to counter it with an arty in siege mode.


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