Strv 103B In-Game Teaser

The best parts cropped from the video posted previously. You can see its special way of movement and aiming, it’s so nice!


23 thoughts on “Strv 103B In-Game Teaser

    1. ^ This exactly. I don’t know what people are smoking when they looking at the vids about this td… i mean yeaa it looks cool and all, but have they ACTUALLY thought about how it will work withing game conditions? Whoever thought that giving a tank this kind of restriction is a good idea…. and they name it a feature… kek. They could have easily gave the control over the suspension by tying it to the in game camera movement… and the depression elevation would only be restricted by the actual terrain that this tank is standing on… i cannot see why would this turn out to be good when you tend to have 3 arties in almost every game… and sitting still after firing (assuming the guy gets spotted) its not gonna end well for it. Not even mentioning city maps… gonna be fun when you try to peak fight over rubbles but you have to stop for 1-2 sec to engage the suspension mode to be able to actually point your gun at something… even more so when that target pulls back to cover while you are struggling like an elephant to do all this… silly people

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    2. Ah yes, thank you for intentionally trying to make this game as frustrating as possible for everyone involved with your idiot catering whack a mole machines. What would we do without you trolls and your disabilities.


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