Article from the official Russian portal.

On April 15, 2017, WG Generals will cease to exist.


We regret to inform that on April 15, 2017, World of Tanks Generals project will be closed. Also, the “generals” will be excluded from the list of games that we offer, which will be reflected in the user agreement.

On October 9, 2016, payments will be disabled in the Premium store. The remaining game currency can be used in the game until 15 April 2017. After that, it will be automatically transferred to the Wargaming game universe in which you play most often.

On behalf of all employees Wargaming, thank you for your dedication and love for the game. We sincerely hope that every second spent on the battlefield, was joyful and pleasant.

Yours faithfully,
World of Tanks Generals Team.


20 thoughts on “WOT GENERALS CLOSURE

    1. WoTG was OK in the most basic sense, but it always felt lacking in many ways
      First off, having to GRIND so hard, it uses a very similar model to WoT, and one WoT-caliber game is enough for most folks
      second, its turn-based, so you can sit there for minutes at a time doing NOTHING
      third, its TIME-LIMITED, meaning if you take your time on the first couple turns, you can easily run out of time and auto-lose later
      fourth, its board sucked and would only routinely allow 2-3 tanks to actively participate per side, and many of them simply weren’t properly balanced or interesting to use

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    1. If nobody is on the servers, no need to run those servers. It’s been half a year since the cease of development and the population is probably non-existent at this point even on RU.


  1. I really tried to play that game, but after the tutorial, the matchmaking took soo long to create a match, i never really played one real match.


  2. Played during beta test…..the problem is it’s not on mobile and not bother to try to work like Clash Royale.

    I’m not going to sit on my laptop to play this while I can find something else to chill….

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  3. It was quite enjoyable, I am sad it is canceled… Fun with broser only, no high HW needs …

    Only interesting thing is, where this info is come from?
    I noticed that gold is not availbale for about week now, so i was looking for this kind of annauncement, but was not able to find a word utill now on TAP

    Atleast the WG move the curency


  4. Still have two Gamescom 2015 bonus codes available (activeted a third one today to test them – they still work!) offering a T-15, a Pz.S35 and 3 days of premium for the game.
    If anyone is interested I will send them to Seb in order to give them away – ok?


  5. They should have implement it into WoT client as minigame for people to chill at, if they can’t be bothered to play their tanks, are waiting for something, like CW, or logged in just to socialise.

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