Supertest: Maus Rebalance

Generally a buff.

– DPM from 2057.7 to 2555
– Reload from 14.288 to 11.507
– Shots/min from 4.199 to 5.214
– Accuracy from 0.364 to 0.345
– Aim time from 2.21 to 2.01

Aiming circle dispersion:
– from turning the turret from 0.058 to 0.048
– from moving the hull from 0.211 to 0.192
– from turning the hull from 0.211 to 0.192
– from turning the turret at maximum speed from 0.92 to 0.77
– from moving at maximum speed from 4.22 to 3.84
– from turning at maximum speed from 3.16 to 2.88

– Concealment when stationary while firing from 0% to 0.41%
– Concealment when moving while firing from 0% to 0.19%

– Fixed issues with the collision model


63 thoughts on “Supertest: Maus Rebalance

    1. Honestly it’s not really the pen itself, while it’s not very good it’s just that you are so slow you want every shot to count because when the match is 4 minutes long and it’s cleanup from the 2nd minute you’ll maybe only get to fire 3-4 shots, you want them to pen.


      1. E-100 veteran here. We’ve mostly been using HEAT since day one, sometimes HE before its mechanics were reworked. Those of us who did use AP either didn’t shoot at Tier 10 heavies from the front, or were bouncing half the time.

        Considering the power creep over the past several years, a pen buff, even a slight one, would be very welcome to keep in line with the rest of the heavies.


      2. Everyone always used HEAT on the E-100, it was known as the first premium tier X for that reason.
        When it was only available with gold I used to stockpile 200 shells at a time whenever they were half price.
        If anything the HEAT nerf led to less HEAT being used because it is not as reliable any more.


  1. well…rip 215b
    but yay for maus. though did it need it? eh…matter of opinion.

    i just hope this buff doesn’t mean buffs to other tanks that DON’T need it…..(*glares at russian x meds*)

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            1. they not amazing.
              they decent. but they need to be played correctly to do well.

              unlike russian x meds that can be played in almost any way.



                both M48 and E50M are as comfortable to play in pubs as russian meds, with E50M not being able to do the same DPG as RU meds simply because of DPM.


          1. 121 is meh at best the e50m is epic but you definitely need to know what your doing in it (in my opinion its the games ultimate all rounder) m48 and leo 1 though im not sure about dont know

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    1. Though I agree with you, I must tell you the cold, hard truth. They won’t fix it.
      That is not profitable for them.
      Sorry man.


    2. Bads all want prem ammo removed so they can feel invincible. Right until they are bottom tier and can’t pen the flat side of a kv4.

      Removing prem ammo will only make the tier gap even more harsh, but you didn’t think about that did you.

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      1. No it wont. It will solve all balance issues. The reaosn tenk cant play their role is because if prem ammo. When you fight higher tier opponents you should play like support that is the point. You shoukldnt pen a fucking tier 10 ht frontaly if you canty do it with standard AP.


        1. So I guess e100’s, maus, and Jap Heavies facing eachother with AP only would just be a “who runs out of ammo first” scenario? lol. I understand where you’re coming from, the big bad meanies penetrating your superheavies forcing you to actually do something other than yolo facehug people. SO SAD. ITS A TRAGEDY!!


      2. I have played when the game when the MM spread was 4.
        Premium ammo? I HAD NONE. Free XP? ZERO
        Playing stock tanks? The whole damn German medium line.

        And you try to tell me that it is hard to play as bottom tier with AP only NOW?
        You really are a Schnitzeltruck.

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        1. I played back then aswell, and? You’re telling me not being able to do almost anything in battles is fun or that there is some skill involved in it?


          1. “You’re telling me not being able to do almost anything in battles is fun or that there is some skill involved in it?”

            “Bads all want prem ammo removed so they can feel invincible. Right until they are bottom tier and can’t pen the flat side of a kv4.”

            Been there done that, still want premium ammo out.

            “Yes, you are very very special. Good job. Truly unique *pats head*”

            See picture above. I am the definition of oppsite of unique.
            The average, boring player with a limited budget.
            Also that is the only argument you have?
            Baiting and ridicule, I am well and trully humbled.


              1. Such meaningfull and well worded argument in defence of premium ammo.
                Apparently you do have to state that instead of any kind of actual argument.

                Nice sockpuppet.


  2. There goes the Type 5’s attempt of becoming an all-around better heavy than the Maus. :(
    I wonder how much will this effect the gold spam, though.
    I suspect a 10% increase at least. -.-‘


    1. Why does one tank have to be better than other (at same tier i mean)?

      Type 5 will have derp gun, Maus not ;) . And like you stated earlier today, Type 5 is faster, too.

      Both of them needed buffs, so yea.


  3. This is another example of powercreep. Instead of nerfing tier 10 gold rounds, they buff dpm and accuracy of the Maus. A tenk that is alreaddy pretty hard to deal with as long as you use standard ammo. Hardly any tenks would need rebalance if they would nerf/remove gold ammo from the game. just like in the old deys. The trend to buff dpm, accuracy and aim time is not something that I like. Game becomes too fast and people dont position or aim proper. Add on top of that usage of gold ammo. I see plenty of mauses spamming apcr and that is stupid, they drive a armopred tenk shooting skill-ammo to make other armor useless. Well fucking done WG-tards.

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    1. you all bitch about gold ammo making the maus useless, here I am with 3400 average damage blocked on NA server where a ton of the tier10 players try to pad in full heat spam e5s. The armor is still the best in the game, learn how to use it. All I ever see maus players do is sit straight infront of their opponent, not even trying to angle, and then bitching about being penetrated. Play like an idiot, get killed. That’s how it goes.

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            1. Man if I had mod rights you’d be getting IP banned. Like a broken record, saying over and over how gold ammo ruins the game instead of getting gut, calling people n***ers, saying all islamic ppl are terrorist or something along those lines….

              Reading your comments doesn’t really trigger me, but it makes me lose faith in humanity :P


  4. off topic but. i read in another blog that ru will be purging cheaters the 15th. guess wg has been able to notice whos been running bad mods. could u look into this.


    1. WG has no way to check for cheatmodders unless you are stupid enough to incriminate yourself on your own :D
      I ran those mods for 2 years – did I get caught? Hell, I had 3-4 clients installed :D


            1. WG be like:
              “Guys, we making WoT 2 with moderns tanks.”
              “K, cool.”
              *few months, year later*
              “Guys, they making modern tank game. Lets see what works and doesnt. We just copy paste stuff with out UI.”
              “lololol, pass the bottle, Ivan.”


        1. To increase my awareness.

          Destroyed objects mod helped to determine where the foe is.
          Laser mod allowed to better see enemy focus.
          Blind shot mod is self explainatory.
          Improved tracers allowed me to pinpoint the exact position of incoming fire.

          Didnt help a lot, but I could focus on other things since mods showed the needed information and I didnt have to mentally calculate them anymore.


  5. Although I have absolutely no intention to reach tier 10. This solution is a true Wargaming’s original: fixing the symptom, instead of the cause.
    Several causes left unchecked for years. One of them regretfully is their own monetization strategy, which is causing a lot of balance issues as they refuse to rework key features of it.


  6. Hmm so have to expose my flat cheeks more often. On the other hand there is not much of an angle needed to make them bounce too, so the aimtime buff will make it harder to get shots into them at 0.


  7. Great change. This is IMO how they should approach heavies and slow tanks generally – we don’t need more RNG (aka nerfing pen and adding horrible shell distribution/accuracy), this will make Maus more comforable to play but it will not be in the hands of RNG when you’re trying to kill it.


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