Supertest: UDES 03 (Swedish tier 8 TD) Stats, Armor & Pictures

Source: Flametz, Wotlabs

All guns + ammo (note same DPM as tier 10 with better speed/camo):

Chassis + engine (note the 75/75 speed. It goes as fast forward as it does backwards. 992 HP seems a little unorthodox though)

Also, P/W of 35.5 hp/ton.


Armor 1:


Armor 2: 8tDW6dc.png

3D model:




16 thoughts on “Supertest: UDES 03 (Swedish tier 8 TD) Stats, Armor & Pictures

      1. Comrade, the ISU has only 286mm of pen. This 2mm extra makes the pen unbalanced, so the situation must be corrected! Buff the BL-10 penetration!


  1. Holy crap.

    Wait, if they give this tank equal forwards and backwards speed, they might actually fix the other tanks that had that! There was a couple in the Czech tree and some other trees. Not many, though.
    Still, I would really like to have this feature to be implemented!

    As for this TD: DO WANT! O_O

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  2. 12 degrees traverse, sounds like this might be balanced, even heavies could circle that,

    Or just maybe it’s the next E25!


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