Emil II Initial Stats


14 thoughts on “Emil II Initial Stats

  1. Day late ;)

    Still no info about armor or intra-clip reload, though. Those, and bloom/terrain resists are needed before i can judge this thing.

    I wonder if it will have 10,5cm gun as alternative, or even 15cm, as its (and tier 10’s) one of the proposed armaments were 15cm gun. It was smoothbore IIRC though, but we will see.


  2. What the fuck are those stats. Lowest HP from tier 9 HT, joint worst viewrange, shit aimtime, pretty bad accuracy, slower clip reload than 50 120, horrible traverse, both tank and turret (compare that with low HP and batchats are happy about this tank :P ). And since this ain’t enough worst penetration aswell. And if it follows Emil 1 long-ish delay between shots.

    What’s supposed to be good about this tank? :D

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    1. Armor and gun depression. Unlike the 54E1 and AMX 50 120, the armor is supposed to be very good, and reliably so, especially since the gun moves independently of the front of the turret, meaning that if you use your full gun depression, the effective armor values are increased tremendously.


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