WoWS Q&A – 24th September 2016

Source: Ph3lan (WoWS EU Staff)
1) How exactly does the points distribution system work in game? Ex. you are the last one against 4 ships, enemies are far from 1000 points, your cap is not in danger (so it still generates points for you), there is still enough time but anyway battle finishes. Why? This mechanism makes it impossible to get the achievement of Lonesome fighter.
One thing is where enemy counter is, another is where your team counter is. If your team drops to 0… A win is a win and you do not need to sink everyone. While we get that some people do not like this, most prefer a faster end instead of meaningless dragging out of hunt for last survivor.
2) How is this possible: 1 AP hit, penetration, ship has full HP and 0 dmg is done? Please, see the screenshot documentation of the situation here: 
Already destroyed module (AA gun etc.) ate the shell. Most likely.
3) Do you plan any change in spotting system to make it similar like in WoT (XPs for helping team mates to deal dmg etc.)?
Check out the 0.5.12 public test
4) Do you plan letting players turn off chat including “F shortcuts”?
We may do it in the future, if there will be feedback in that direction – so far though it does not seem it is demanded too much.
5) Is there any chance that the battle mode where players must cap the bases in the middle of the map could be taken off the game? Big part of players doesn’t really know what’s going on there and the rest is afraid to go anywhere. Such battles usually end in 8 mins and it’s not fun. Could it be replaced by something like “annihilation mode” where players would be getting points for each enemy ship they sunk and if the battle would be about to last for more than 20mins points would indicate the winner (but without capping bases)?
In 0.5.11 we have replaced this system with Epicenter mode – which should motivate teams to fight for the zone a bit more. So far it seems that the amount of capping victories in this mode is not too high.
1. Why did you back out of a dedicated MM for tier VII CV’s?
Backing out of that would mean we planned it and abandoned it. We did not

2. Are you planning to introduce a more advanced planning layer to the gameplay? Something that would draw a line of attack and defense, manouvers, etc on the tactical map?
Maybe something like that could come handy in more team-oriented modes in the future, but definitely not planning that for now for Random battles. Would be too messy.
3. What are the plans for developing weather effects? Waves, temporary damage done to the ships, etc..
While we want to make weather more spectacular, we also do not want to fry lower end computers So working on it, but it is a thing for long run.
4. Are you planning to introduce a global +-1 MM rule for all classes and tiers?
5. What are WG’s plans in therm of the ARP content? Is it only about collecting them or is there a bigger plan?
While ARP content is highly welcome, it’s also part of a partnership which has its limitations. As you might have heard from our announcement on TGS, we are currently working on content in collaboration with High School Fleet. Let’s see where that takes us when we get there.
6. Do ARP missions have other ships in plans, other than Kongo and Myoko?
Only collecting them.l Unfortunately the amount of ships in series was kida limited mostly to Myoko and Kongo classes.
EN Questions:
“Why is currency not unified? and I would like a decent answer that goes further than “technical difficulties”, “low priority” or what not.
when is it planned?”
1. When the clans will be implemented, with the flags from the ship nationality and the commemorative ones, will we be able to have also one with the clans emblems ? A bit like in WoT and the clan emblem on the front of the tank.
We are aware of the popularity of showing Clan insignia, no worries. When Clans come, we will try to include a way how to show Clan symbols as well
2. Do some scenarized mission are scheduled. It could be like this : a group of players gather up against an historical formation of ships that they will have to fight against. Like for exemple fighting against the Yamato and her escort ? Fight against the IJN fleet in Guadalcanal ? etc etc.. Create some PvE missions against another nation to have a “almost-historical”, with a bonus point if the players ships are from the same nation.
We are looking into widely understood PVE content, as there is a certain group of players who prefer to play only cooperatively or even solo against bots, rather than play against other humans. What we’re working on cannot be disclosed at the moment, but we’re really interested to see your feedback once we’re ready to roll these elements out.
3. Will it be possible to have a foghorn to honk on the seas ? We can hear it when we collide into an ally, but it could be useful to use it before ! It has been created in this purpose. So yeah, there might be some players abusing it and some concerts of horns during the first week of their release, but it could be fun !.
Mmmmmaybe. No guarantees.
4. When does the IJN bombers will receive a replacement for their HE bombs as they’re almost useless, by other bombs such as some AP ones that they used in Pearl Harbor ?
In Pearl Harbor, IJN used 3 types of bombs:
800kg AP bombs, which were designed for level bombing of a static target
242kg fragmentation bombs
250kg Semi-Armour Piercing bombs
Neither were in fact that effective and IJN struggled with their planes needing more hits to do substantial damage – standard bomb carried by US Navy dive bombers was 1,000 lb – 500 kg.
So… USN has better dive bombers, IJN has better torpedoes. Fair deal, no?
5. Is it one day scheduled to implement the crews on our ships ? I’m speaking on a visually, seeing them move on the decks, on the AA guns etc..
I know that during battles there will be some crew dead and the game will lose is “all public” classification, but why not making them disappear when the section or the module of the ship is damaged/destroyed, so no need of blood, and we would stay in the politically correct.
Cause it’s a bit sad to see those huge Montana/Yamato for ex empty.
No crew in battle. Soon though you will have crews in port – in battle, everyone is anyway huddled under the armor and when big guns fre, even AA crews have to take shelter
DE questions:
Any information about the training room being available without the need of a modification?
Not for now – but as far as modification goes, both trainig rooms and replays are included in our new Modpack. Try them out!
Are there any plans to adjust the high-tier economy and reduce repair cost or was that a one-time “event”, that we had?
The event was done to test things, we are processing the results. It is possible there will be more tests on different regions to see how they will influence the player’s behavior.
Is there going to be a better antialiasing coming for WoWs? With FXAA it is not looking very well.
In time, yes. See the next question.
What are the plans regarding the graphics engine in general and especially about the GUI scaling for WGHD and 4k screens?
This is one of the topics we are working on., especially as number of hardware configurations that support this increases. Stay tuned.
The different regions are treated differently. For premium goods it somehow makes sense, but especially XP bonus evnets (x2 or x3 weekends) and different discounts per region are very annoying. Why is that still different and not unified for all regions?
These events usually balance themselves over time. Just consider: In Europe, we have different important days than in USA or in Russia. Where we give bonus for gamescom, RU gives bonus for their major expo – where we have St. Patrick’s day as a rather popular thing, Russian server has the Navy Day which in turn would have no connection here.
Will be introduced the penetration per distance in the stats of the ship, within the port, with ammunition AP / HE or it will only appear in the videos of some boats like so far?
We are considering how to show this to players – penetration dropoff over distance is significant enough in tanks, with ships firing at distances a scale of magnitude longer displaying this understandably is a challenge.
Are we going to introduce in the client the class boat on the minimap?
Maybe. For now, you can find this function in our new modpack in the Minimap section!
If a player crashes against a ship in process of sinking, this ship won’t move. It’s like crashing against an island and players will get stuck being no able to move. Why? Are we going to change this?
Mostly because having the sinking ship interact is too much bother for too little gain for no. Maybe in the future, but we have bigger fish to fry.
1. Are you planning to do anything about kagero? Is it possible to say at least, you are looking into it?
Yes, we are doing something about Kagero – she is moving to Tier VIII, with appropriate adjustments. However since the question is not too specific, hard to tell what was the intent – and whether you will be happy with the change or not
2. DD’s are using dual purpose guns and when you use it as main battery, they keep shooting as AA and it is not realistic. Are you planning to change this?
This is a gameplay mechanic and for now we are not planning to change this – it would just increase the complications DD skippers face without really adding anything to gameplay.
Does doing damage worth 50% of full HP of a tier VI ship give the same amount of XP as doing the same to a tier VIII ship (providing that you are sailing an equally tiered ship)
No. It does not. There is a specific scaling the reward system follows – generally low tiers are less valuable than high tiers in this aspect. We will however not disclose exact numbers.
Is there a chance to see the equations responsible for XP and credit earning?
No. Both because the equation is quite complex and because it’s a formula that we’re constantly improving. If we share the version now, there will most likely be changes to it with the next game version, and the following one, and so on. We constantly improve the system, but we assure you we’re aiming it to be as fair as possible and include more and more factors, such as rewarding support actions in the upcoming update.
Are you going to add penetration and normalization values to the in game stat cards
This is a tricky one. We want to display as much information, as possible, but naval gun penetration is rather complex matter, far more so than with tanks – as it is very dependant on the distance to target and other factors. So the question is how to display it the best way possible.
Just to give an example, here is a bit of historical datao n the US 16”/45 battleship gun – you will note how wide is the range of penetration values depending on range to target
Are you planning to make the daily mission more interesting than they are now? They don’t motivate too much the way they are right now
We are planning to add a completely new mechanic to replace daily missions altogether. It will have nothing in common with the current mechanic. The daily missions are not meeting our expectations and we want to try out something new. At the same time simpler to complete regardless of class you enjoy playing, as well as providing way more interesting rewards that you, as players, should be looking forward to.  You may remember the supply boxes we presented during gamescom – that was just a rough draft of the animation, but we plan to include that mechanic in the default daily reward system and we’re putting a lot of work in making it happen this year. The purpose of “daily quests”, so something you can be sure you’ll be able to do whenever you log in, will stay for sure, but the execution will be largely improved both visually and mechanically. We’ll share more details on this in the coming weeks.
Is it possible to change the colour scheme of the ship names to some other than white so that it wouldn’t blend in with the environment so much?
This is more like suggestion than a question – I mean yes, everything is possible and our UI team works on better display of everything – and you can already also turn to the mudpack to change some of the visual settings in game.
1) When are you going to implement the depot into the game?
We’re working on having it later this year, as it’s an increasing priority to allow players to properly manage their inventory. We want to do it in a way that will be a good user experience and that requires additional work from what we’ve got at hand right now.
And will there be also something like barracks in WoT for the ship crew?
We already have the Reserve system, so not sure what the point is here J
2) Do you plan to work on better balance of DDs’ number in the game? There are often too many of them on one side. And what about the tier III battles where MM places ships will zero AA in the battle with 2 CV of tier IV against them? Placing the same ships into the other team does not solve the situation because the battle result is in fact in hands of CVs only.  The other extreme is then putting tier VI CVs against VII and VIIII ships (while many of those are US CAs with very strong AA). Do you plan any improvements here?
Destroyer numbers are already balanced – you should not have more than 1 destroyer difference, and the number of their top tiers is also balanced.
As for ships with poor AA, they are also on Tier IV – it is just the thing of the times. Many navies underestimated the need for AA / did not have funds to upgrade and ship construction overall is full of compromises. If you have a ship with poor AA and there are carriers in the game, try to stick to friendly ships with good AA or even ask the carrier for assistance.
With Tier VI carriers in a VIII battle, you have to pick your targets carefully – but the same applies for any other outtiered ship. You may have to maneuver a lot to get into a favorable position, however you can always avoid the cruisers – and one of the best things you can do is often to hunt for their destroyers. Might be harder, but the rewards are also higher.

3) When will you fix the chat in the port? The msgs are not displaying properly.
We are aware of the issue, but it’s not a key priority right now. The UI is subject to constant improvements and we hope that we’ll find time soon to deal with this.
4) Why there is not dmg dealt by each player displayed in the table after the battle? We would like to be able to check how enemy team was doing and how much dmg each player of both teams dealt.
It’s something we can consider. No promises though.
5) Do you plan to add CV’s class YORKTOWN (CV-6) (USA)? And do you think about remaking and improving the aircraft of BOGUE , INDEPENDENCE and SAIPAN or at least TBD aircraft on US CVs? It’s bad to play with 0 TBD aircraft on US CVs against 2 on Japanese CVs.
We definitely plan to add as many legendary ship classes as possible – the “big three” of Yorktown class would definitely be nice to have, same as Japanese carriers based on repurposed battleship  and battlecruiser hulls.
As to the plane loadouts, the main accent of US carriers was always on fighters and dive bombers – torpedo attacks were more of Japanese navy field of expertise, however we track feedback on all aspects of game including the air group composition.