Public Test 0.5.12 Update September 23rd

Change 1:
Updated 9/23:

We’ve implemented a new system for calculating the cost of a match per battle. The main chunk of this expense was the cost of repairing the player’s ships, and this value would excessively increase with each tier. Due to this, we noticed that in the higher tiers, and especially at tier X, that players were overly cautious, which negatively affected gameplay. Even if a player performed well, the sinking of their ship would lead to a large repair bill, often times negating any profit earned from the battle. To rectify the situation, we have decided to make the following changes:

The ship-repair fee has been completely replaced with a fixed service charge, meaning the cost will not be dependent on how much damage the player’s ship received in battle. We have also reduced the cost of replenishing ammunition and aircraft for a number of vessels, and the higher the tier, the greater the reduction. By reducing these costs, we aim to encourage players to be more aggressive and take appropriate risks, ensuring that they are properly rewarded – for example, the change will reduce the average post-battle costs of a tier X ship by 50,000 Credits, and will reduce the chance of losing Credits when in possession of a Premium Account. In making these changes, we want players to concentrate on the gameplay and on having fun, not on playing in a specific way in order to balance the books.
Change 2:
Updated 9/23:
Please be aware that based on the interim results of the Update 0.5.12 Public Test we have revised a number of previously announced changes:
All proposed changes to the thickness of armor plating, including that of battleships and destroyers, have been cancelled, as based on your feedback and the analysis of our in-game statistics, we felt changes did not achieve their intended goal. Adjustments to individual classes and tiers will continue to be necessary, but thanks to the information obtained from the Public Test, we will be able to find a more effective solution, which we will show you in a later Update.
The ability for high-tier cruisers (tiers VIII-X) to add Steering Gears Modification 3 to their sixth slot will remain in the Public Test and will be added to the main game. We found that the change brings more diversity to high-level cruiser gameplay and provides an alternative to the maximum stealth configuration commonly used by players. Beyond that, we have decided to make the same change to all high-tier destroyers (tiers VIII-X). We feel that the choice between an improved rudder-shift time and increased invisibility will provide players with an interesting decision as to how they equip their vessels, and will eliminate the situation where the rudder-shift speed of cruisers could exceed that of destroyers.
The other balance changes and fixes present in the Public Test have been found to be effective and should remain.