WoWS: Sub_Octavian on Angling Nerf

Dated September 13th (Sorry guys, was busy and I missed it).

Hello everyone, and thanks for preliminary opinions on the subject.

These balance changes will be carefully tested on ST and then, if approved, on PT. We realize the possible impact (and several probabilities of gameplay shift here), so we will be careful about it. 
You should realize that we wouldn’t let this even to ST if we didn’t consider it to be good for the game. And we will not let such changes into production if they turn out to be bad.

I see that BB armor changes are the top story today. Well, let me elaborate a little more on the concept:

1. This change will NOT make BBs useless and fragile. BBs have traverse armor, so they still will be able to tank. I guess the most efficient way will be getting at “diamond” angle towards the shooter, as this will put both traverse and belt into work. Yamato will stay most tanky at straight bow projection, though – due to her traverse geometry. Will this make BBs more vulnerable? Yes, but only against each other. And this will contribute to in-class balance (Hello, Yamato-Montana duel), too.

2. This change is intended to go with economy tweaks – with counting “potential damage” and “recon/recon damage” when calcualting battle reward. We do think this will not punish the agressive playstile alltogether.

3. This change will make the situation better for high-tier cruisers, who really need some love. And who are constantly getting divided by zero with BB shells, as BBs often tend to ignore each other safely.

4. BB population increase is the real problem now. They are balancing on the edge of allowed combat effeciency and their numbers are growing. And they live too long. So we need to find the way to tweak them. The proposed way is actually the most delicate (God, I am happy you didn’t see other options).

This concept should work. But It may not work, and we may be wrong (as we are definetely not infallible). That is why it will be carefully tested on ST and then (only if it is welcomed there) on Public Test.

It may change, may stay, may be postponed or accepted. We don’t know yet, but we will find out, probably with your help.

Have a nice day, and let’s see how it goes.


12 thoughts on “WoWS: Sub_Octavian on Angling Nerf

  1. “The proposed way is actually the most delicate (God, I am happy you didn’t see other options).”

    Now I want to see the other options…
    In any case, making BBs more vulnerable to other BBs doesn’t change the fact that cruisers still only have one option : invisible HE spam, or hope an allied BB comes along to help.

    The other day, a division of 3 Atlantas attacked my (solo) Nagato. After overpenning a few times, I completely wrecked one in a single salvo, murdered another with half secondaries, half main guns, and the last one barely made it out alive, only coming out on top thanks to torpedo hits and flooding damage.

    Seriously, this situation is getting out of hand, and just got even worse with the “lol turtleback balanced engineering rated 3Reich/10” German BBs that you can only reliably damage at long range, giving other BBs an excuse to sit back.
    God forbid you even think of getting close, with those secondaries murdering anything with less than 150mm of armor.

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      1. If you’re going to use history to justify shit balance, then lets use history, shall we?

        How about for each battleship in a battle, there are 3 heavy cruisers, 2 light cruisers, 8 destroyers and 1 aircraft carrier.

        So instead of being selective in the bullshit you spew, how about you just don’t.
        If historical accuracy won over game balance BBs would be the least efficient class in the game, with an amazing 2% hit rate at 15km, a worse rate of fire because the need to range the shells, the maneuverability of a brick (no going full speed after a few hundred meters, and no 90 degree turn in less than 20 seconds) which is RIDICULOUSLY overbuffed compared to both cruisers and destroyers, and you would just end up getting dive bombed to death helpless as your AA fails to shoot down even a quarter of the planes you’re shooting down now.

        Funny how hardcore BB players tend to forget they’re using an overbuffed, ultra assisted obsolete piece of weaponry, and expect everything nerfed in order to dominate.


        1. Contrary to popular belief, battleships could actually turn fairly quickly IRL. In game they are constantly spammed to hell by torpedoes, bombers and high explosive, it is still fairly difficult to hit the enemy (Depending on the ship) and the vast majority of shells overpen. and the “2% hit rate at 15 km is bullshit too, considering the fact that during the second world war the vast majority of combat took places at ranges of 20km and up. In the game currently I’m fairly sure that the cruiser’s job is to counter other cruisers and destroyers, whereas battleships are supposed to counter cruisers and other battleships. And unless you are in an American battleship, AA already fails to shoot down even a quarter of planes.


          1. No no no no no, battleships took minutes to do maneuvers that takes 20 seconds in the game.

            And no, the 2% hit rate isn’t bullshit, it’s the calculated hit rate by both the USN and RN.
            So yeah, those 20km fights? Battleships pointlessly slinging shells at each other to the point where the RN forbade captains to fire at that range, since it was a waste of ressources that they simply couldn’t afford (but the Americans could).

            The cruisers’ job was to pad out the fleet, destroyers being on AA, ASM, and providing range/bearing estimates for other ships.
            What did battleships do? They were trophy ships built for moral and intimidation, and things you didn’t want to risk losing for those same reasons.

            In essence, battleships were that one weapon from first person shooters that looks badass, which you conserve for a boss fight, and when you do use it, it’s just underwhelming.

            There’s a good reason why battleship production died out at the end of the war, while cruisers and destroyers kept being built in large numbers.
            Battleships were relics back then, and have been overbuffed ingame to make them playable, and that at the expense of both other ships, and general balance.


    1. at least these guys are trying to balance the game out, and if it doesnt work, they change it back immediately, and you dont have to wait 5 years for something to change (WoT – Arty)


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