WoWS Q&A – 13th September 2016

Thanks to Babykim, MrFingers, fnord_disc, Unintentional_submarine (EU)
RN cruisers big changes (!)
In todays twitch the developers mentioned that the RN cruiser line will be reworked, possibly getting Speed Boost, Improved Repair Party, better ballistics, orientation to AP, and may even lose HE.
The production team is fast in implementing the changes. The NA server gets reworked ships in 3 days already.
Relevant part starts: 01:37:40
I will keep you updated on this as more details are discussed on the RU forum.
-Tone & Kitakami are not dead. Kitakami might become a “high tier reward ship”, for the Tone they are figuring out a workable hybrid playstyle.
Source: live Q&A of WG-NA on Facebook.
-Sub_Octavian has indicated that the current design of bow and aft battleship plating might be changed.
If you’re unsure what this means: this means that all high-tier BBs would be able to overmatch from the bow or stern, such as by reducing those plates to 25mm, and it would single-handedly eliminate the bow-on meta game.

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-Montana will get 38mm weather deck as so long requested.
Related news: Nagato and Arizona armour models have been messed up recently. Will get fixed. From this thread.