On 9.16 Tank Recovery Feature & Enemy Chat Removal

From RU developer Az1mt.

In-game functionality to restore sold premium tanks is available only for vehicles sold after 9.16, vehicles sold previously have to be restored through customer support.

The disabling of the battle chat isn’t unfounded. We believe players will concentrate better on the battle, or leave more promptly after their tank was destroyed.


18 thoughts on “On 9.16 Tank Recovery Feature & Enemy Chat Removal

  1. Translation:
    “We were trying to find a solution for the Dead Sea level of saltiness and found out that the best way is not else but taking away their voice! Yeah, fuck you all! Peace!”

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  2. I haven’t read about disabling the chat before. What do they mean? That once your tank is destroyed you can’t chat? Or is it that the enemy can’t see your chat and you can’t see anything from enemy? Or is it that you can’t see anything from enemy once he’s destroyed? Confused-dot-com. :(


    1. cross team chat is impossible, like in some games for example Heroes and Generals, anyway maybe its just a secret plan that will make all the trolls move to the global chat in the garage, then WG ban they all, and brings the cross team chat again =P


  3. After thinking about it, I dislike disabling cross battle chat.
    Give it as an option that is off defaultly, if someone can’t handle playing an online game. But to take away 50% of the interactive factor from what is basically an MMO…. Even worse is, this carries to Strongholds/CW’s. Many clans know each other, no more friendly joking/shittalking.

    No more “E50M is weak” when I see QSF member playing it in randoms. No more saying “hi” to clanmates/streamers (tbh I don’t really do that anyway :) ).

    I am not going to miss it that much but why not just give the option to disable it?


  4. I will continue to give thanks to deserving allies and congraulate good players on both sides post match as I do at the moment.

    I am quite old and cannot type quickly, (I can barely play to a decent standard), so ingame chat is a luxury for me.

    I do think we/the game will lose something from this enforced deletion. Better to have the option of switching it on and off.

    May just be the half bottle of red wine speaking but, well tough luck boys and girls, this decision is made and out of our hands. WG Thought Policehave spoken and you WILL listen and hear….

    More wine please!

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  5. Considering most of the cancerous chat is typed by people who have been killed, why not just block people from cross-team chat once they are dead?

    Oh no, that’s much too simple and smart an idea, WG would never do something as sensible as that…
    Fucking idiots.

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    1. Any abusive chat is too much. Cancer wishing is no throw away comment. I would insta ban any comments that faceless idiots would not make inperson surrounded by their peers.
      This deletion is a step too far but it still will not solve abusive messages WITHIN teams. You all know what I refer to…
      How will this step help alleviate that? No chat perhaps? I seruously hope not…

      3/4 bottle now. Last quarter looking VERY tempting…


      1. Which bit Seb? The wine or the insta ban?

        Talking of wine, where has it all gone?
        Why is the wine gone?! Unfair plane!1! Wine bottles need a buff in the next patch, not enough glasses per bottle…


  6. I think the chat is funnie, I like all the klingon spellings and retarded expressions. I play only to see cumments in game chat. Why tek it awai? Stupid commie WG.


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