10 thoughts on “M4A2E4 Sherman, Leichttraktor, KV-220-2 Beta-Test, FCM 36 Pak 40, Durchbruchswagen 2 HD Renders

    1. Normal 220 has a tent on the side above the skirts. Beta as you can see got a log there instead. That and the toolboxes on the front right and rear left is not there on the normal one. Battle damage etc seems to be identical with the normal one.


      1. Hm, your explanation of the comparison is rather useful, but still, it does not explain why did they have to make a HD model from scratch to apply these few changes.
        Nevertheless, thank you for elaborating.


  1. For crying out loud WG, of all the cosmetics they put on the M4A2E4 they forgot its machine gun. You can clearly see the Browning’s attachment point on the commander’s hatch. All that equpment is useless anyway considering it was merely a prototype.

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    1. Hey, you know that WG ALWAYS have to screw up something.
      In this patch… Well, it’s a couple of the HD models and the chat system’s ‘upgrade’.
      See the pattern?


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