12 thoughts on “WoT Development : Convoy Event and Update 9.16

  1. heres my problem with WG map design
    “3 zones, closed area for heavies, open area for lights and meds, and central aka no mans land”

    the issue is, you end up with 2 camping teams.

    cause the lights and meds wont want to go into the map zone that is beneficial to heavies.
    and the heavies don’t want to go into the map zone beneficial to lights and meds.

    and NO ONE will go into the kill zone.

    so your left with the game being decided by where the cap is.


    1. Can’t play because of the old famous error has returned.
      “Connection to the server has been interrupted. Reason: unsynchronization of components related to “Vehicles” (1001)”

      And im pretty sure like last time when this happened, WG will not do anything to fix this problem. So no test server for me. Thanks WG


  2. Yep. Thats a good patch.

    Lol about the spot mechanics change – I have ABSOLUTely no idea where they get that idea xD
    Seems like AW is good for something – to improve WoT, as predicted by many.


    1. It still does? There was one mod which showed such – did they remove the code for shell or just made the mod illegal?

      In any case – its official so piss off mod makers😀


  3. Is chatting with the enemy team now prevented?

    That was always good fun in the opening start of a match!


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