Tech Tree Refresher: New Premium Ships (NA)

Missed this, sorry for being late.

Basically these ships are now available for doubloons in-game.

New Premium Combatants

König Albert (new)
2,200 Doubloons

– German tier III battleship
– Solid armor, good broadside
-Damaging and long-range secondary armament

1,050 Doubloons

– American tier II destroyer
– Fast reload on torpedo tubes
– If you like to torpedo things, get this ship


5,000 Doubloons

– American tier VII destroyer
– Fast and maneuverable
– Good armament for fighting destroyers

9,500 Doubloons

– American tier VII carrier
– Currently the only Premium carrier
– Dominates the sky with fast planes and a huge dive bomber squadron

Departing with Style

Get ’em in the game or in the Premium Shop before they’re gone for good!

4,800 Doubloons or $23.99

-Polish tier VII destroyer
– Currently, it’s the only Polish ship in World of Warships
– Solid gun armament

1,650 Doubloons or $9.99

– Russian tier II cruiser
– Tons of rapid-fire small-caliber guns
– Perfect for the historical collector


3,000 Doubloons or $16.21

– Russian tier V cruiser
– Great at starting fires at long range
– Quick reload
– Great Credit earner


11 thoughts on “Tech Tree Refresher: New Premium Ships (NA)

  1. Blyskawica OP – stealth destroyer with cruiser armament, can burn any BB and remain invisible… Also can easy kill any DD it meets, and citadel most cruisers broadside…

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  2. 1) Does those ship also appear on EU or not for now?

    2) “before they’re gone for good”. They will be removed because too powerful?


    1. No. Diana only history buffs like it.
      Blys is a very good all round DD excellent guns, decent torps.
      Murmansk has torps like Marblehead and gun range like Omaha C. It’s just very versatile


  3. Murmansk has better toprs than the Marblehead, (huge alpha). 🙂
    And a spotter plane + better rudder shift of all the Omaha-variants.


  4. I want the smith on EU not because it’s great purely to add the the DD collection. I missed it last time…… Does anyone know when it may make a appearance in the shop?


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