Tech Tree Refresher: New Premium Ships (NA)

Missed this, sorry for being late.

Basically these ships are now available for doubloons in-game.

New Premium Combatants

König Albert (new)
2,200 Doubloons

– German tier III battleship
– Solid armor, good broadside
-Damaging and long-range secondary armament

1,050 Doubloons

– American tier II destroyer
– Fast reload on torpedo tubes
– If you like to torpedo things, get this ship


5,000 Doubloons

– American tier VII destroyer
– Fast and maneuverable
– Good armament for fighting destroyers

9,500 Doubloons

– American tier VII carrier
– Currently the only Premium carrier
– Dominates the sky with fast planes and a huge dive bomber squadron

Departing with Style

Get ’em in the game or in the Premium Shop before they’re gone for good!

4,800 Doubloons or $23.99

-Polish tier VII destroyer
– Currently, it’s the only Polish ship in World of Warships
– Solid gun armament

1,650 Doubloons or $9.99

– Russian tier II cruiser
– Tons of rapid-fire small-caliber guns
– Perfect for the historical collector


3,000 Doubloons or $16.21

– Russian tier V cruiser
– Great at starting fires at long range
– Quick reload
– Great Credit earner


11 thoughts on “Tech Tree Refresher: New Premium Ships (NA)

  1. Blyskawica OP – stealth destroyer with cruiser armament, can burn any BB and remain invisible… Also can easy kill any DD it meets, and citadel most cruisers broadside…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No. Diana only history buffs like it.
      Blys is a very good all round DD excellent guns, decent torps.
      Murmansk has torps like Marblehead and gun range like Omaha C. It’s just very versatile


  2. I want the smith on EU not because it’s great purely to add the the DD collection. I missed it last time…… Does anyone know when it may make a appearance in the shop?


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