WoWS: 0.5.11 PTS Update Patch Notes

Translated from Russian (edited google translate):

  • Destroyer Tashkent: Added in the old permanent camouflage from 0.5.10. The new camouflage from 0.5.11 will still be available for purchase
  • Kawachi: Changed the armor to ensure correct interaction between shells and the bottom of the barbettes
  • Großer Kurfürst and Gneisenau: 128 mm L/61 SK C/42 secondary armament received an HP increase of 40%
  • Hakuryuu, Lexington, Essex, Midway: Fixed a bug with the camera angles
  • The penetration value for the 420mm caliber HE shells for German Battleships was increased from 70mm to 105mm
  • Fixed a bug that caused the player exiting a battle in a division to be redirected to the login screen in the client as well as causing their ships to be locked in battle
  • Fixed a bug that caused display of trees in the air of the “Tierra del Fuego” map
  • Fixed a bug when you turn on or turn off the “Use my music” option
  • Fixed a bug that caused the “Manual Control for Secondary Armaments” skill to target ships while disregarding concealment
  • Fixed location of spawn points of ships in the beginning of the battle map “New Dawn”
  • Fixed alignment of vehicles on the map “Archipelago”
  • Fixed a bug with the indicators of capture points in “Epicenter” mode on small screen resolutions
  • Fixed a bug with displaying bases and control points on the mini-map in the battle loading screen when loading started with the tab “Composition of the teams” tab
  • Fixed a bug that caused the irregular movement of torpedoes in combat and rolling ships in port (the “skipping torpedoes” that some have reported)
  • Increased the size of the control points in “Epicenter” mode on the maps: “Ocean”, “Break”, “Trident”, “Tears of the Desert”
  • The rate of accrual of points for capture points in “Epicenter” is reduced from 1 point each 1 second to 3 points each 4 seconds
  • Returned the buoys on capture points and bases. Capture points in “Epicenter” mode are now represented by a solid line rather than broken lines
  • The default port is now set to “Ocean”
  • The visibility of ships during the “Cyclone” effect is now increased from 8km to 10km
  • Fixed the inconsistence of shell resistance on German BBs’ 128mm secondary gun turrets.

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