Convoy Mode’s garage video

The road itself is wrong… but the electricity pylons are correct :P


3 thoughts on “Convoy Mode’s garage video

  1. The whole thing is right, this is a moment of the battle that took place on this location, seen from the monument’s side of present day.
    Why else would there be a monument with ‘1916’ on it?

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    1. What I meant with the road is that there are no such yellow lines by us (at least not like this one and not permanently), but white lines with less space between each in the middle (as well as more on the sides).

      But you’re right nonetheless :)


      1. Oh, that, right!
        I have only seen those yellow lines as the actual ones in use in the USA, and they look stupid. Why do they have to deviate from the rest of the world even with that?..


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