WoWS: Public Test 0.5.11 Patchnotes

The Public Test will be running from 30 August at 18:30 CEST until 5 September at 15:00 CEST. Keep in mind that this is a testing environment and unannounced maintenance and patch deployments can happen at any time during the Public Test phase.

What to expect in Public Test 0.5.11?

Armour Viewer

Now your ships’ armour won’t be a mystery: an option to view detailed information about their armour layouts and construction has been added to the game. To enable this feature, click on the button over the ship’s performance characteristics. Keep in mind that:

  • The armour layout is displayed only for ships that are owned by the player.
  • Due to the complex construction of ships, an option to enable/disable the following separate armour types has been added:
    • Superstructures
    • Casemate
    • Auxiliary Rooms
    • Plating
    • Vital Ship Parts (i.e. citadel or, for destroyers, the central part of the hull)
    • Main Turrets


A new game mode called Epicenter has been added to Random Battles. The aim of this mode is to encourage aggressive gameplay with close range encounters. The mode is a modified version of Domination mode with the following differences:

  • In this mode, key areas are represented by three concentric circles with the following rules:
    • Players that gain control over the largest circle are only capturing this area.
    • Players that gain control over the middle circle are capturing both this area and the largest circle.
    • Players that gain control over the smallest circle are in fact capturing all three areas at the same time.

With such an arrangement, the most advantageous tactic is to hold the smallest circle area – try it out and leave your feedback!

Cyclone Notifications

Thanks to your feedback, the predictability of cyclones has been improved. To ensure a clear indication of any impending weather changes, we have added the following indicators to the battle HUD:

  • A dynamic icon labelled “Cyclone” and a warning that spotting ranges will be decreased.
  • A warning and a countdown timer that will be displayed before the start and end of the cyclone.

The exact moment when the warnings will be displayed will be determined based on the results of the Public Test – your feedback will be invaluable!


  • A new map named Archipelago has been added to the game. The map is located between the Far East islands in the Northern Pacific. This calm region used to be a safe harbour for scientific research, but now it has become the arena for vicious naval battles.
  • The Land of Fire map has been changed. Our research and your feedback have shown that this map caused difficulties to a large group of players, mainly because of the location of several of the islands. The changes applied in the update 0.5.11 Public Test are aimed at keeping the originality of the map, as well as making its gameplay more enjoyable for every ship type.
  • The Shatter map has also been changed. Our research results have shown that it is one of the hardest maps to play on in the game. Many aspects of this map require a high skill level, as well as planning the team’s actions in advance. The main goal of the change applied in this update is to make the gameplay more enjoyable for various ship types, while still retaining the map’s distinctive features.

Other Changes

Balance Changes:

  • The reload time for the “Surveillance Radar” consumable has been lowered to make cruisers more effective against destroyers.
  • “Hydroacoustic Search” and “Defensive AA Fire” consumables are now placed in different slots, which will allow cruisers to choose both in order to strengthen their supporting role.
  • USN fighters’ ammunition capacities have been increased by 30%. This change will make fighter configurations stronger, thus making US carriers’ roles more team-oriented and focused on protecting allies.


  • Switching between Port, Modules, Tech Tree and Profile tabs in the Port has been optimised.

10 thoughts on “WoWS: Public Test 0.5.11 Patchnotes

  1. The US fighter buff would make sense if plane kills were more rewarded. I’d rather have AP bombs added for DBs, they have been announcing them since forever, and US CVs are far behind IJN in terms of damage done.


  2. Armour Viewer > another feature that(older) WoT lacks.
    “only for ships that are owned by the player” nvm the implementation is shit.


    1. Eventually they will implement it for all ships, hopefully. I think they just want players to learn not to show broadsides, get 1 shot, and then quit playing because BBs are “op” in their minds.


    2. You can see the armor of the RN light cruisers, which haven’t even been released yet.. So in this iteration, you can most definitely see the armor for ships you don’t own. Now I really want to play the PTS, in hope of encountering the supertesters playing these ships..


  3. -armor viewer is working for all ships, not only for owned ones
    -2 new maps are in the game, not 1, the 2nd one is called Sleeping Giant
    -Hydro and Defensive fire are NOT in separate slots, however Radar cooldown is indeed decreased

    Other than that, seems like loading times have been slightly decreased, but ship animation in the port and torpedo trail animations are bugged

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m ok with only being able to view the armor of ships that you own. It’s an incentive to buy those ships.
    If you pull into a parking lot and there’s 100 cars there……you don’t get to just pop the hood on cars that aren’t yours. I’m not sure why this is a source of irritation for some people.
    Also….can’t wait for the Cyclone feature. I can’t even explain how much I appreciate all the changes and improvements that these guys are making to this already AWESOME game.
    Young people will never appreciate how far online gaming has come, and what these people have built here, unless you’re old enough to have played” Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” in DOS…….on floppy disks.


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