WoT Blitz: E-25 Available on All Servers

The E-25 will be available from 26 August at 12:00 CEST (UTC+2) to 9 September at 11:00 CEST (UTC+2) (EU). (other servers: same date)

E 25 – €24.99

  • E 25, Tier VII, German Premium Tank Destroyer
  • Garage Slot
  • 1 Day of Premium Account



Protection Maneuverability Firepower
  • Hit Points: 970
  • Hull Armour:
  1. Front: 50 mm
  2. Sides: 30 mm
  3. Rear: 30 mm
  • Weight: 26.30 t
  • Engine Power: 700 hp
  • Speed Limit: 65 km/h
  • Traverse Speed: 44 deg/s
  • Standard Shell Damage: 120 – 200 HP (avg. 160 HP)
  • Standard Shell Penetration: 120 – 200 (avg. 160 mm)
  • Rate of Fire: 15.79 rounds per minute
  • Aiming Time: 1.5 s
  • Dispersion at 100 m: 0.30 m
  • View Range: 240 m

8 thoughts on “WoT Blitz: E-25 Available on All Servers

    1. I can’t see the blitz version being as powerful as the pc one. Small maps and short engagement ranges do not work in this tanks favour.


  1. Man, am I glad that thing is not coming back to the iToaster version.
    I have got enough of the 3 player troll platoons of it.
    Especially with the damned Skorpions again, they are worse than a pest…

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        1. well, you play a e25 when you’re too tired to make a credits grind, and want to farm easy credits, btw, e25 is just OP if it remains unspoted, at the time a e25 is spoted, it gets focused by every single player of the enemy team. And poof, dead, anyway, for Blitz, it wont have any advantage at all, the maps are small, the battles are fast, and the guys don’t fear pushing hard there, like they do in PC because they fear to be one shoot by arty.

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