Berlin Quartet Available on NA

Available August 26 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET
Ends September 5 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET

Berlin Quartet Bundles

Full Berlin Quartet


Cromwell B, T-34-85 Rudy, IS-2, ISU-122S | 4x Garage Slots | 4x Fully-trained “Zero-Skill” Crews with Brothers in Arms Perk | +FREE 30 DaysPremium

Cromwell B


T-34-85 Rudy







7 thoughts on “Berlin Quartet Available on NA

  1. Those tanks are among the most worthy premiums of the whole game, as they are better than their regular counterparts.

    My favourites:
    -IS-2B: combines the qualities of the IS and the chinese IS-2. Mobile,rotates silly fast (even for an IS), average armor and large alpha: it’s a heavy medium. Go where unexpecting meds tend to go (Himmelsdorf hill,…), bully them hard and then push in the ennemy’s back once that flank has collapsed. I spam gold because I’m a bastard wn8-padder.

    -Rudy: I play it support and its deadly, while remaining versatile enough to fill many other roles in late game. God the Master on a 3300 dmgs-6 kills defeat. (Top Tier; Prokhorovkha). Special mention to the mighty 300 alpha HE, great at deleting LT’s from Stronkholds. I’m in love.

    I like them but less:
    -Cromwell B is.. a Cromwell, but dispersion is even worse. With the fact the MM HATES me when I play this tank, I have a hard time loving it. But it’s still a Crom, thus very performing in good hands (and SH king).

    -ISU: THAT DPM! Sadly, the current meta and maps isn’t very friendly with sluggish non-turreted TDs. But think this is a SU-152 with improved side armor (bounce!) and 20m more view range (!)

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    1. “I spam gold because I’m a bastard wn8-padder.”
      Wew you GOLD N00B. True pros snipe E75 cupolas with 0.46 accuracy (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)


  2. Very good tanks and excellent crews with BIA as zero perk. The later saves millions of crew xp when you are trying to bring crews to fourth and fifth skill!
    These crews are the most rare benefit of WOT.
    And their BIA is fully compatible with normal BIA (unlicke the Sisterhood of Steel crews we get from the campaign


  3. Important: The Brothers in Arms Perk available on this crew is considered a bonus. This means that it cannot be reset and the tankers acquire new skills/perks at the same rate as if the perk was not there.


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