WoWS: Gamescom 2016 Q&A

All questions have been answered by Philip Molodkovets: supertest manager from Saint Petersburg, Russia. If you want to fill your boots with more World of Warships intel then make sure to check out an interview with Global Publishing Producer of World of Warships, Artur Plociennik, that’s taking place at gamescom!

We start off with a hot topic question right off the bat, asked by HMS_H00D, and you can already guess what it is…

Q: When is the first line of British ships coming to the game?
A: We are planning to launch it this year. More information will be shared at gamescom 2016 in Cologne, Germany.

TheLordFlash is following up with an even more pressing question, but will the devs be able to talk about it just yet?

Q: What nations/ships can we expect in the coming year in World of Warships?
A: This is subject to separate announcements – keep your eyes on the Portal and our Forums!

MrFingers asks:

Q: How do you decide which ship is a viable tech-tree ship, which isn’t, and which can become a Premium Ship?
A: We try to compose the tech trees in logical way, in order to create a historical and balanced in-game progression system. As for Premiums, we love the idea of famous ships with some history or some unusual ships with special gameplay traits. In general, however, there are no strict rules.

Player modeste poses a question few dare to ask nowadays…

Q: Submarines are missing in the game to create naval formations. They could be useful when we capture an area because they could launch torpedoes. Are we getting submarines?
A: Well, there are no plans for subs now. Things could change, theoretically, but we are quite busy with the classes we already have in the game now.

t0ffik1 wonders about the balancing of the game.

Q: What are the Devs plans to balance Tier X?
A: The same process we do for any other Tier: to monitor server stats and feedback and to make changes when needed.

Danziger_ asks about a planned feature.

Q: When will clans be introduced to WoWS?
A: We’re working on it. We definitely want to do this, but currently it’s not possible to state the date or version when this particular feature will appear.

ROCKSTEEL79  is interested in platform diversity.

Q: Are there any plans to create a PS4 version of WoWS?
A: We are interested in all platforms, but there are no plans that we can share for now.

Erik_Aukan has trouble paying his bills in the game…

Q: Do you plan to improve the economy (repair costs) and game modes, to encourage players to play less passive and be less afraid of high repair bills?
A: Yes. We definitely plan to expand the number of activities, for which players receive rewards after battle, in order to encourage aggressive tactics and reward team play.

mea0w is wondering about Team Battles and where they have gone.

Q: The population of Team Battles thinned out dramatically at the end of the pilot season. What changes do you plan to make to make them more interesting and rewarding?
A: There are several major problems with Team Battles we discovered after release (thanks to all the players for their feedback). Currently we cannot discuss the future of this mode. Let’s wait for its next version at least on the super test (More information will be shared on the Portal when the developers are ready to share anything).

nibloke wants to pimp their ship up.

Q: Will we ever see cosmetic adjustments for our ships, like having your own flags, choosing your own colours, putting your own names/numbers on your ships and so on?
A: Probably, because this part of the game is currently being discussed internally. This is not our top priority, but surely it would be a nice feature to have.

Cmdr_Kouta wants to customise his carrier.

Q: Is it going to be possible in the future to select custom carrier loadouts, similar to selecting ammunition in World of Tanks?
A: For now we’re planning to stick with preset loadouts.

MadMike82 asks about rewarding skilled gameplay.

Q: Currently there are no rewards for performing useful manoeuvres that support teamplay, like spotting enemies with destroyers, and it is also only barely worth it to provide AA cover to battleships. Are there any rewards and changes planned in this regard, to encourage teamplay?
A: Yes, we’re planning to do this in one of the upcoming updates.

Cayden_Cailean asks about tech-trees.

Q: Are there any plans to divide the BB tech trees into battlecruisers and battleships and do the same with the cruisers, dividing them into light and armoured ones?
A: There are some plans to work on the existing tech-trees and probably re-organise some branches, but we are not going to add new in-game classes for now.

14 thoughts on “WoWS: Gamescom 2016 Q&A

  1. Not the most informative Q & A. He is at Gamescom, but he refers to Gamescom for more information? It reads more like this was a pre-Gamescom interview. Some of the answers we already knew, others are so vague, they are pretty much useless. If they have exciting new things to reveal, do that first, then do an interview, so people can ask follow up questions, instead of being referred to a future event.

    The video interview on their Facebook was especially cringe-worthy. The interviewer didn’t even get the name of the game right at first, then asked a question about Gamescom, which no one cares about, it is about the product.. It looked as if both of them were wondering what they were doing.. I was unable to watch it completely, did I miss anything, or was it more of the same?

    I want to know where Dunkerque is. The reviews were harsh, is she being rebalanced? Or will she be out and about very soon? I want her, but am willing to wait if she is improved a bit, especially her accuracy. Dividing her turrets in half, as they were in real life, would also help. I would also like to know if they are working on a premium of the King George V class, or historical battles, stuff like that.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Not the most informative site, just rumors and stolen content. Meh, some people are so news starved they will read anything I suppose. I hope everyone has their add blockers on, no need to watch adds on sites like these


    1. Haterz gonna hate.

      This site has by far the most news about WOT and is the only site with WOWS in this format.

      Its by far better than RSR esp lately when she hasnt updated anything for 2-3 days. Seb at least posts things often and is usually fast on leaks etc.

      Anyways, please point on the doll where seb touched you.

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    2. I was commenting on the lack of content of the Q&A, which is official, which they prominently feature, and the similarly disappointing interview on their FB page. If you’re not going to say anything, why do a Q&A or an interview? That is the problem, WG doesn’t like sharing information until the ships/updates are about to drop. No hype, no nothing, leaving players starved for information. Seb & his pals can’t help it if there isn’t more to post, but they make whatever scraps of information there are available in a single place, so I won’t be missing anything because it is buried in a thread on the forum or something.

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    3. Don’t mind that retarded shark wrestler. He is trolling on nearly every article here since yesterday. He has to blow off some steam. Perhaps his boyfriend broke up or something or his mummy didn’t pay him pocket money.

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  3. No separate BC class :( I was hoping for it as battleships and battlecruisers have similar guns but different purposes in battle. Sadly BC’s gonna be always treated as bad BBs…


    1. Notice that they are not saying there won’t be BCs in the game. They would be lying if they were, Kongo and Scharnhorst were exactly that. They are just saying that, for now, battlecruisers won’t be in a separate line. And with Gneisenau, there is certainly a precedent for the Repulse & Renown. WG, get on it!

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  4. A: We try to compose the tech trees in logical way, in order to create a historical and balanced in-game progression system. As for Premiums, we love the idea of famous ships with some history or some unusual ships with special gameplay traits. In general, however, there are no strict rules.

    This is obviously money grabbing. Scharnhorst in particular with its historical configuration should’ve been a regular ship while the what-if Gneisenau should’ve been premium.


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