WoT Console: Ardennes Map

An unique map has been added in the latest update of World of Tanks Console 3.2 – «Ardennes». This card is exclusive to the console WoT. (there are two at the moment).





6 thoughts on “WoT Console: Ardennes Map

  1. 2? Are you sure?

    Dragon\’s Ridge, Scorpion something or however it\’s called which is bigger than 1Km x 1Km, The pacific island one and now this one.

    1. Visually yes, this city looks like made from bits of Himmelsdorf and outside of the city has kinda Arctic Region vibe.
      Map design vise it\’s kinda unique, lots of hills and city in weird angle/shape.

  2. Shame we can\’t have beautiful maps like that… real shame the PC version is being held back because the Russian players are still using fucking pentium 4s and low grade dual core CPUs.

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